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A snake puzzle is a unique and quirky form of a puzzle. It is inspired by a Rubik’s cube but is quite different from it as well. Though the idea of the snake puzzle has been inspired by a Rubik’s cube, the solution of it and the formation of it is very different from a Rubik’s cube and its similar inventions such as a mastermorphix, an axis cube, and a ghost cube. 

The formation of a snake puzzle is what sets its solution and physical characteristics different from other such twisty puzzles. A snake puzzle is a combination of twenty-seven small cubes which are paired in a combination of two to three cubes, forming a single part of the complete snake cube. A snake cube is visible as a chain, with twenty-seven cubes with a thread or elastic running from the centre of its parts. 

Excitingly, a snake puzzle comes in two forms, that is, twenty-seven cubes, and sixty-four cubes. 

The solution of both types of cubes is exactly the same, the only difference is that certain steps of the twenty-seven cubes have to be repeated in order to solve sixty-four cubes.

Now that we have understood the formation of a snake cube and have understood it is brief. 

Let’s delve into some nice tips and tricks to make the solution of a snake cube efficient and easy.

Tips for solving the snake puzzle

  • Always remember the pairs in your head. Sometimes the snake puzzle might look a bit too much in its constructions, so it is helpful to pair the parts of the puzzle during the solving procedure, and number them in your head. It eases the procedure and removes the confusion that might occur during its solution.
  • Don’t try to jump on solving the snake puzzle. First, briefly understand its parts and get familiar with its different and vivid physical characteristics. It will not only help you to solve the snake puzzle better but would also make it more understandable and interesting for you.
  • Try to get a good quality snake puzzle. It will help the efficiency and effectiveness of the snake cube and will make solving it more fun.
  • There are many fancy snake puzzles available in the market. Puzzles of varied colours and structure. As a beginner try to go for a snake puzzle that has only two colours. It will help you to pair the cube better and will make the solution easier. Also, stay away from multi-colour snake puzzles, as the multicolour feature will make the solution difficult.
  • As a beginner, it is essential to start with an easy method, no matter how many steps it has, and slowly increase your speed and decrease your steps. If you get great at it, you can even find your own solution for solving a snake puzzle. 

Snake puzzle is a really cool handy game that you can take up with you during your travels, school trips, or even mundane family gatherings. They do not just help you increase your brain activity, but also makes you feel cool and look cool amongst people. 

Just imagine, how cool it is to solve a snake puzzle standing amongst people who cannot even figure out its first edge?

In fact, wouldn’t it be cool if your snake puzzle would be of premium quality? Well! Worry not, we got you covered in that aspect as well. 

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So, get started with your snake puzzle and solve it in class with the help of this amazing method. 

Happy Cubing!!

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