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Spend This Holiday With Kids in Dublin & Know Things to Do There

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Staying in Dublin, you can plan a trip anywhere. Moreover, if you plan to go for a trip with your kids at Christmas, there are ample destinations to check-in. Especially for children, there are lots of amusements in Dublin.

So, this Christmas, your own residence can become a beautiful, enjoyable spot for children.

There are ample kid-friendly destinations in Dublin and ample things to do in this place. Be it the Dublin zoo or a visit to a historical museum. Even during holidays, you can inspire your kids to learn new things. So, let us know what the kid-friendly places you can check in with your children are?

Top 6 places to visit with kids in Dublin

National Museum of Ireland

Do your children love to explore archaeological destinations? Then take your child to the national museum of Ireland. In exchange for the very nominal amount of tickets, kids can witness wonderful artefacts. To mesmerise them, such artefacts are enough.

This museum is very large, and you can spend more than a couple of hours with your child here. It is an excellent museum to gain knowledge.

Phoenix Park

Children usually have a love for animals. Moreover, they get excited by taking a glimpse of animals. By visiting this park, one can witness lots of memorable places. Beginning from the house of the president of Ireland to the residence of the largest Obelisk in Europe, all are here.

Besides, if you want to have a bonfire at the forest side, you may also gift your children a memorable night here. Your child will have a memorable night indeed while having barbeques and seeing deer roaming here and there.

National Botanic Garden

If your child loves to roam within flowers and plants, then the botanic garden is the ideal spot. Moreover, spending a sunny day inside the garden will provide you and your child a quality time. Walking through the flowery way, children can feel refreshed. However, the park is located a few miles away from Dublin. So, if you are running out of funds, then apply for quick loans from the direct lenders of Dublin.

Croke Park Stadium

Why don’t you inspire your child in football by taking him to the stadium for the first time? Croke Park Stadium is the third largest within entire Europe. Being one of the best, this stadium has been the centre of excellence for a long. Take your child to the stadium during a match day. Enjoy the day by witnessing a football match at the stadium.

Grafton Street

Even during the normal time, Grafton Street is fully decorated with lights and charming music. If you visit this place during Christmas, then it will look more wonderful. Take your child to Grafton Street and click some photos at the shimmering roads.


You can also take him to the church. On the eve of Christmas, everyone prays to our almighty God. So, why don’t you take your child to a church which remained since the mediaeval age? Hire a tour guide here who will tell him the story behind this church.

Things to do for kids in Dublin

With ample activities, a child can take part while roaming in Dublin. These are,

Dress like a Vikings

Are you looking for some more fun on the trip? Then dress up your child just like a Viking. In Dublinia it has huge demand. Lots of children and even adult people are clicking pictures by dressing up like this.

Engage in art class

If you want to utilise the holiday, then take them to Ark. At that place, children can get art classes and witness a completely new culture.

Have some chocolates

Who does not love chocolate? Well, children love chocolate the most. Take them to the Butlers Chocolate Store. They will enjoy sweet desserts at Butler’s.

Enjoy a puppet show

Although the puppet show ticket is quite expensive, you can borrow instant loans for the unemployed with no guarantor facility before going out of the trip. Now, enjoy with your child a puppet show at Lambert Puppet Theatre. So, these are some amusements that your child can enjoy during a trip to Dublin.

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