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How to Enjoy Summer in Spain – Ultimate Traveller’s Guide

Summer in Spain is an unforgettable holiday experience that promises sun-kissed beaches, incredible culture and vibrant fiestas. From beautiful coastal towns to bustling modern cities, Spain offers a wide range of exciting summer adventures. Grab a Spain Visa from UK and use this traveller’s guide to plan the perfect summer getaway through the diverse landscapes of Spain!

Summer in Spain – How to Enjoy the Perfect Holiday?

The summer season in Spain is truly a magical time that delightfully combines:

  • Exciting Festivals
  • Sandy Beaches
  • Vibrant Culture

So, whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday or an action-packed adventure, Spain has something for everyone!

To make the most of your summer vacation in Spain, it’s important to plan ahead. You can do this by checking up on the myriad of attractions or places that Spain has in store. These range from picturesque coastal towns to interesting cosmopolitan cities. Each region in Spain boasts a unique charm and its own set of attractions.

Also, don’t miss out on:

  • Indulging in the Spanish cuisine
  • Relaxing in the warm Mediterranean ambience
  • Explore the rich array of traditions

Best Time to Go on a Holiday during Summer in Spain

The most popular time to visit Spain is during the peak summer months – June to August.

The weather during this time is warm and sunny. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities and beach vacations. Do note that these months attract thousands of holidaymakers. So, get ready to witness Spain at its busiest and prices also tend on the higher side.

But, if you prefer fewer crowds and lower prices, then consider visiting during the shoulder seasons i.e., May or September. These months usually feature fewer tourists and pleasant temperatures. This will allow you and your loved ones to experience Spain at a more relaxed pace!

4 Best Places to Visit on Summer Vacation in Spain

Here are some amazing places that you should add to your Spain summer getaway itinerary:

1). Barcelona – Top Destinations for a Fun Summer in Spain

This beautiful cosmopolitan city offers the perfect fusion of:

  • World-Class Beaches
  • Stunning Architecture
  • Wonderful Cultural Scene

These are the amazing things you can do while exploring Barcelona in the Summer:

  • Explore the iconic Sagrada Familia
  • Stroll along the Las Ramblas promenade
  • Soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of the city

Also, don’t miss out on some delicious local foods like:

  • Tapas
  • Paella
  • Esqueixada de Bacallà

2). Madrid – Must-See Attractions during Summer in Spain

The capital city of Spain is a bustling metropolis that boasts a rich cultural heritage. Madrid is a wonderful place that is rooted in history and culture and features:

  • Historic Neighbourhoods
  • World-Class Museums
  • Traditional Music

Apart from this, Madrid also boasts a vibrant nightlife, flamenco performances and markets. Top things to do in Madrid in the Summer:

  • Explore El Retiro Park
  • Escape the Heat at Madrid’s Rooftop Terraces
  • Beat the Heat at Aquopolis Water Park
  • Take part in the Veranos de la Villa Festival

These are some delicious dishes that you should try while exploring Madrid in Summer:

  • Gazpacho
  • Salmorejo
  • Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Salad)
  • Jamón Serrano

3). Seville – Hotspots to Visit in Spain during Summer

Seville is another fantastic destination to visit during Summer in Spain. Discover this beautiful gem of Andulasia which beautifully blends traditional Spanish culture with modern flair. Popular things to do in Seville in the Summer:

  • Explore the Royal Alcázar
  • Visit the Seville Cathedral
  • Take a Stroll Along the Guadalquivir River
  • Attend a Flamenco Show

Also, try out these local dishes on your Spanish summer getaway in Seville:

  • Carrillada de Cerdo
  • Secreto Ibérico
  • Gambas al ajillo
  • Chipirones

Simply grab a Spain Tourist Visa to check out all these incredible destinations in Spain during Summer!

4). Ibiza – Party Hard during Summer in Spain!

Ibiza is perhaps one of the most popular destinations for summer getaways. This place is well-known for its legendary nightlife and stunning beaches which makes it the summer hotspot for for partygoers and beach lovers. Top things to do in Ibiza in Summer:

  • Explore the Old Town (Dalt Vila)
  • Visit Es Vedra
  • Party at Pacha Ibiza
  • Relax at Cala Comte

Also, add these unique attractions to your Ibiza summer trip:

  • Aquarium Cap Blanc
  • Time & Space Outdoor Sculpture
  • Ibiza Horse Valle

Try out these delicious local dishes during summer in Ibiza:

  • Hierbas
  • Bullit de Peix
  • Butifarra and Sobrassada
  • Calamari

Want to explore these incredible places and delicious foods? Simply book a Spain Visa appointment. Go on an exciting summer holiday to top destinations in Spain!

4 Top Destinations for Beach Holidays in Spain

  1. Costa del Sol: With its stunning beaches, warm Mediterranean waters, and picturesque towns, the Costa del Sol is a beach lover’s paradise. Explore the charming resort towns of Marbella and Málaga for a perfect beach getaway.
  2. Balearic Islands: Comprising Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, the Balearic Islands offer a paradise of sun, sand, and crystal-clear waters. From family-friendly beaches to lively party spots, these islands have something for everyone.
  3. Canary Islands: Renowned for their year-round sunny weather and diverse landscapes, the Canary Islands are a beach enthusiast’s dream. Explore the volcanic black sand beaches of Tenerife or the pristine white sands of Fuerteventura.
  4. Costa Brava: Stretching along the Mediterranean coast, the Costa Brava is known for its rugged cliffs, secluded coves, and charming fishing villages. Explore the historic town of Girona and soak up the sun on the gorgeous beaches of Lloret de Mar.

Where to Enjoy Exciting Water Sports in Spain?

Spain’s diverse coastlines and warm waters provide the perfect playground for water sports enthusiasts. From surfing to scuba diving, there are numerous destinations to indulge in your favourite aquatic adventures.

  1. Tarifa: Located in the southern tip of Spain, Tarifa is a renowned destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing, thanks to its strong winds and ideal conditions.
  2. Costa Brava: With its rocky coves and clear waters, the Costa Brava offers excellent opportunities for snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking.
  3. Canary Islands: The Canary Islands boast world-class surfing spots, particularly on the islands of Tenerife and Fuerteventura, attracting surfers from around the globe.
  4. Mallorca: From sailing and windsurfing to stand-up paddleboarding and scuba diving, Mallorca offers a wide range of water sports activities for all levels of expertise.

4 Popular Spain Resorts to Explore

  1. Marbella: Located on the Costa del Sol, Marbella is a glamorous resort town known for its luxurious hotels, upscale shops, and stunning beaches.
  2. Salou: This family-friendly resort on the Costa Dorada is a perfect destination for those seeking a lively atmosphere, theme parks, and a vibrant nightlife scene.
  3. Benidorm: With its high-rise hotels, lively bars, and entertainment venues, Benidorm is a popular resort town catering to a variety of tastes and budgets.
  4. Puerto Banús: Situated in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Puerto Banús is a chic and upscale resort known for its luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and vibrant nightlife.


Summer in Spain is a truly enchanting experience that should be on every traveller’s bucket list. From the sun-drenched beaches and lively festivals to the rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine, this captivating country offers an abundance of unforgettable adventures. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, excitement, or a blend of both, Spain’s diverse landscapes and vibrant cities have something to cater to every taste. So, pack your bags, embrace the Spanish spirit, and get ready to create lasting memories under the warm Mediterranean sun.


What is the best way to get around Spain during the summer?

Renting a car is a convenient option for exploring Spain at your own pace, but public transportation, including trains and buses, is also efficient and affordable.

Are there any notable festivals or events to attend during summer in Spain?

Yes, Spain is famous for its vibrant festivals, such as:

  • Festival Internacional de Benicàssim (FIB): A must for music lovers, typically held in mid-July.
  • La Tomatina: Held on the last Wednesday of August in Buñol, where participants enjoy a tomato-throwing festivity.
  • San Fermin (Running of the Bulls): Taking place in Pamplona from July 6-14, this festival is famous for its bull runs.

What is the dress code for summer in Spain?

Lightweight, breathable fabrics and comfortable walking shoes are recommended. In cities and tourist areas, casual attire is generally acceptable, but it’s advisable to dress modestly when visiting religious sites.

What are some budget-friendly tips for summer travel in Spain?

Explore lesser-known destinations, stay in hostels or vacation rentals, take advantage of free walking tours, and opt for local cuisine and tapas bars to save money.

How can I experience authentic Spanish cuisine in the summer?

Visit local markets like Barcelona’s La Boqueria or Madrid’s Mercado de San Miguel to try fresh produce. Enjoy seafood along the coast, and sample cold soups like gazpacho or salmorejo to cool down.