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The Symptoms and Treatments for Wisdom Tooth Infection

The people who have suffered from a painful wisdom infection can tell you the importance of taking quick treatment because they know the pain and further complication as well. If you have a wisdom tooth infection, then you will need to consult a dentist, because sometimes the pain associated with a wisdom tooth infection will be complex and it should be treated quickly. But not all the pain is caused by a tooth infection, so stay in line, to know more about how it occurs, treatments and how to avoid, etc.

How the Wisdom Tooth Infection occurs

Maximum the wisdom teeth get infected because they are harder to clean. The food and bacteria can easily get trapped between the gum and tooth. You can easily miss the space between the wisdom teeth and back of your mouth while brushing and flossing. It leads to an impacted wisdom tooth on your mouth and an impacted wisdom tooth may not growth correctly through your gums. A partially impacted wisdom tooth has a higher risk of infection because its shape and angle make decay. The overgrowth of bacteria makes holes in the outer hard enamel layer and it creates infection or cavity on the tooth and in the rare case, this infection can spread over the mouth.

Symptoms and Signs of Wisdom Tooth Infection 

These wisdom teeth are known as third molars and these are the last teeth in the series of your mouth and it starts to grow in the age between 17 and 25. The mouth and jaw are not enough large to accommodate these new teeth, so it leads to a series of problems in your mouth. If the wisdom teeth grow in sideways, emerge only partially, or get trapped between bone and gum, then it leads to a painful wisdom tooth infection. If the gums around the wisdom tooth get infected, it causes painful, red, and swollen gums, and this is called pericoronitis. The pressure creating by the wisdom tooth, when growing causes root damage and fractures in the teeth.

Other causes of pain on the wisdom tooth

If you may have a cyst over a wisdom tooth that fluid-filled sack forms a partly or completely impacted wisdom tooth. It feels like a hard bump or swelling in the gum and the cyst leads to an infection and other complications. A dry socket happens when the empty wisdom tooth socket doesn’t heal correctly. It causes pain for three days after pulled out the wisdom teeth whitening. This dry or empty socket area can be filled with food debris and bacteria and surely it causes an infection, pain, and swelling. Even after you pulled out the infection wisdom, the slowed healing can cause pain and poor nutrition, and smoking can delay the healing and lead to gum infection or dry socket.

The treatment for Wisdom Tooth Infection

If you feel any pain or discomfort in or around the wisdom tooth, you can call the dentist and make an appointment. Because this is an area that difficult to see, so you can’t able to find the problem easily. There is an enormous way to treat wisdom teeth infection, including surgical extraction or a conservative approach to treatment. If you have started to experience the pain caused by a wisdom tooth infection, your dentist may recommend a conservative approach treatment like mouthwashes, antibiotics for the infection, and pain relievers. If your wisdom teeth infection is worse and extreme pain, then surgery may become your best chance for relief. A surgical extraction is a common method used to avoid complications like wisdom teeth infection.

The Bottom Lines, 

You can’t just ignore the wisdom tooth infection, you have to consult the dentist. Wisdom teeth dentist is the right place where you can get a complete heal. We provide high-quality service at an affordable price and we have a professional dentist, so you will definitely get more benefited and they help you to make your wisdom teeth clean and hygiene.

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