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Targeting Branded vs. SEO Keywords: Which Should You Focus On?

For displaying something in SERPs, branded websites have been prioritized by Google for some years. As an example, if we compare several brands like Jones Cola vs Sprite vs 7 Up vs Pepsi vs Coca-Cola on Google then it will not tell us which brand is better among these. But as compared to Pepsi, the brand affinity and brand awareness of Coca Cola is more and so it will get a good rank. However, all this is not present in the search engine’s algorithm. For correlating with brands in a right manner the search engine’s ranking algorithm contains a lot of things.

Giving best possible results to the users is the goal of search engine. Instead of going to an unknown competitor where there is potential risk, a brand website having ‘known quantity’ is usually preferred by some users.   

As compared to the domain authority, the correlation of the rankings is better with the branded search. It is crucial for the brand to generate searches if achieving high conversions and better rankings is your goal. In this situation, it will not be a very good strategy if you go for optimizing the search terms that are branded. Some people consider it best to use SEO keywords only. Finding the right strategy and executing it can be done in various ways. But before that it is necessary to know how SEO keywords are different from branded keywords.

How to differentiate SEO keywords from branded keywords?

SEO keywords that are traditional

Competition and search volume serve as the basis for the phrases that are selected to target on the site. These phrases are represented by SEO keywords. Suppose some traditional queries like “excellent ladies’ perfume” or “Men’s bicycle review” are selected by you then it is important to know that you have done this because you want a good ranking of your site in the SERPs and it has been indicated in your keyword research. With all your attempts made for optimization it can become possible to observe an inflow of the search traffic that is natural. Some examples of this are:

  • Buy cushion online
  • Best tea cups
  • Sofa for sale

Keywords that are branded

If several branded elements and the name of your company are referenced by the search queries then these are known as brand keywords. Some examples of branded search terms are:

  • Coca cola marketing
  • Adam’s blog
  • Pepsi marketing

Here a brand that is included in the search query owns the complete real estate.

A common practice in PPC is to bid keywords that are yours. What is the reason for doing this? Suppose you have not done this then your brand’s bidding can be done by your competitor and he can get a good ranking as compared to you.

How to target Branded Keywords vs SEO Keywords

After knowing that a lot of importance is given to the branded search terms, will it be a good idea to discard those SEO agency keywords that are traditional? In spite of knowing that your brand search terms do not have a good search volume, will you do this change? If you want that for every website the traditional search terms and branded search terms should be ideally balanced then you will not find any solution that fits to this. For your company, a strategy can be crafted by making the use of some tools.

Will it have any effect to rank for brand search terms if SEO keywords are ranking already? The answer is yes. While searching a brand keyword if your position goes down as compared to the competitor then your site will look poor. You may be trusted and liked by certain users and they have made these searches.

How search volume of your branded search terms can be determined?

Write the domain of your website in the SEMrush and then:

  • On the side bar that is present on the left, click Organic Research
  • Go to the Positions tab and click it
  • Go to the Advanced Filters tab and click it
  • Go to the Keyword
  • Click Keyword Type
  • “Branded” will be used for filtering it

The branded searches need to be optimized if the search volume is high.

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