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Useful Tech Tips On Making Money

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tips on making money

Is it true or false? You don’t need a computer science degree or even a year of experience to start making money with your IT talents.

Fact! You’re already prepared to work on actual projects for which people will pay you real money if you only know the basics.

If you’re wondering how that’s possible, know that technical talents are in high demand. Websites and web content are required by individuals, organizations, and businesses in today’s world. And the majority of them are unable or unwilling to build or construct their own websites. 

You also don’t have to be concerned about being a novice in the field of technology. 

In addition, for each job category, you’ll find information on the abilities you’ll require.

1. Design and Visual Editing 

Have you ever retouched family holiday photos or assisted a buddy with a fresh resume? Then you may already have what it takes to earn money with picture editing and document design. 

Consider all of the photographs and visuals you encounter on the internet every day. Creating pictures for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as developing infographics, posters, and ebooks, is an excellent first step toward a career in technology, especially as a side business that you can easily work around your other obligations. 

You’ll require the following abilities:

  • Typography and color theory 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe InDesign

2. Reputation 

If I asked you to describe the Coca-Cola logo’s color and design, you wouldn’t hesitate to describe that precise shade of red and the distinctive white writing. Of course, the golden arches of McDonald’s, the Levi mark, and the Apple apple are all instantly recognizable. That’s how you brand yourself!

Coming up with branded logos, icons, style guides, and sales pages is a wonderful method to increase your income because every business requires a “look and feel” to identify it.

You’ll require the following abilities: 

  • Branding guidelines 
  • Creating assets 
  • Briefs for creative work 
  • Illustrator (Adobe) 

3. Web Design and Development

When it comes to appearance and feel, if you get bodily discomfort when you visit a website that appears like it was created in 1995, you’re undoubtedly a design aficionado.

Look for assignments that need you to create wireframes and layouts for websites and landing pages to turn your passion into revenue. Then, for a little more money, add a little code to your ideas.

  • You’ll require the following abilities: 
  • Fundamentals of design 
  • HTML and CSS Wireframing 
  • Design that is responsive 
  • Adobe XD (Adobe XD)

Web Development is one of the most interesting and with the biggest potential in the industry. Where you can work as a full stack web developer but also you could become a developer on certain things and use your coding techniques, for example like code obfuscation for making clients websites better.

Also, each year new frameworks and technologies are developing. The good thing about this is that new opportunities for work are created exponentially. For instance, currently React Js is one of the Javascript frameworks that is trending. This is a great opportunity to learn it and start working on it. Also using online resources, you can learn react js interview questions and ace your interview.

4. UX (User Experience)

Design is a type of design that focuses on the user’s experience. 

User experience, or UX, is for you if you’re interested by the process of determining what consumers want from digital goods. 

Researching people and their needs, creating wireframes and prototypes for websites and applications, and testing them with users are all examples of UX work. So, if you’re interested in technology and the people who use it, this area is a great fit.

  • The Knowledge You’ll Require: UX Best Practices 
  • Ideation and user testing User personas and journey mapping 
  • Figma

5. Investing in Crypto

There’s no disputing that popularity of digital cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed. The remarkable growth of currency (BTC) and ether (ETH) has only contributed to the emergence of crypto (ETH). 

In addition to its impact coin offerings, there really are a variety of cryptocurrency investment products available today, range from distributed finance to non-fungible tokens (ICOs). Other enthusiasts believe that these initiatives will result in a better generation of millionaires in the digital currency world (or billionaires).

Consumers who want to invest in digital money may wonder if there are any reasonable grounds to do so right now. We’ll go over some of the reasons some people would choose to invest heavily currencies, as well as some other things to think about before doing so. There are tons of online resources where you can learn How to buy Cryptocurrency

You’ll require the following abilities:

6. Internet Marketing 

Spreading the word about products and services is another great method to earn from your technological know-how. You may assist people and organizations reach their target audiences using digital marketing abilities and be paid well for it!

If you want to supplement your income or get experience, digital marketing is a wonderful option. You may even make it your main job by taking on several customers or working with a select few full-time. You can provide all of the digital marketing services or focus on a few to attract a certain customer.

  • You’ll require the following abilities: 
  • Landing pages and email marketing 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Marketing on social media 
  • Advertising on the internet 

7. Development of the front end 

Front-end development, or creating the component of the website that customers view, is a wonderful way to make money.

You can work on a variety of tasks, including coding marketing emails, creating static web pages, and designing interactive websites. And, with almost everyone now requiring an internet presence, there’s plenty of job available.

  • HTML and CSS are the skills you’ll need. 
  • GitHub and Git 
  • jQuery and JavaScript 
  • Development that is responsive 
  • Editors of text 
  • DevTools for Chrome 

8. WordPress Development 

WordPress is a flexible and adaptable content management system (CMS) that’s perfect for freelance development.

WordPress allows you to construct a wide range of customizable websites. After you’ve developed them, you may pass them over to your customer to update on a daily basis so you can go on to the next money maker. You may also specialize in developing WordPress themes and plugins or provide maintenance services, depending on your schedule and interests.

  • HTML and CSS are the skills you’ll need. 
  • WordPress CMS PHP Theme Development Customization of Plugins 

Written by Preokupim Salihi

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