Tips for cleaning a move

Anyone will make a move sooner or later. One of the fundamental aspects for this to become a success is that there is also a proper cleaning that helps to achieve the house we want. We offer the best tips for cleaning a move.

Tips for cleaning in a move

There are many questions that can assail when cleaning in the process of a move. When should this be done, before or after taking the belongings? What steps must be followed to achieve effective cleaning with minimal effort? We give some keys.

The state of the house

The first thing is to check how the house to which we are going to move is. It’s clean? Empty or full with furniture? If the house is clean and unfurnished, the first thing to do is clean the house and then assemble the furniture. You should always start from the ceilings and the walls. The latter should be cleaned and / or painted if necessary.

Cleaning before the arrival of the goods

When you get to the new house with all the boxes, everything gets dirty, mainly the floor. Therefore, it is best to only clean the furniture inside first, and outside once we have placed the objects. It is important to start with the upper ones and finish with the lower ones, because the dust is falling downwards. In this way, when you arrive with all the boxes full of objects, the furniture will be ready to receive them.

It is also essential to clean the appliances, it can be done before all the boxes arrive so that the tasks do not accumulate or after. If it has been decided to do it before and to prevent them from getting dirty, once clean, they can be covered with plastic. We can choose to clean them once we have placed all the objects on the furniture.

Cleaning after the arrival of the goods

It is important that the walls and floors are left for the last moment. And it is that when the boxes begin to arrive and you begin to unpack them, they and the objects will dirty them again. It is best to clean the walls and floors once we have placed all the objects in their place. It is also important to note that the wall should be cleaned first and the floor later. Always from top to bottom.

Final shots

The normal thing is that, although it has been cleaned before the boxes arrive and after placing the objects, the house will get a little dirty again. It is best to do a little cleaning again. A robot can help finish the cleaning with ease.

Also, it is important not to leave any details out. The windows and doors, knobs and handles, baseboards, should also be cleaned … it is best to leave them for the last moment since during the entire moving process they will have been continually getting dirty with the movement of the move.

Textiles for the last minute

Textiles get dirty very easily, so it is best to leave them until the last minute. When we have everything in place and the house completely clean, it is time to place the sheets, blankets, towels and the rest of the textiles.

In any case, cleaning a move is something very personal and the important thing is that, however it is done, it takes as little time as possible and with the best result. Finally, House Keeping Agency is the best option for you.

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