Best Computer Troubleshooting Sites

The most annoying and worst thing is when we are doing something on our computer and it suddenly stops working. We know that something is wrong but figuring out and coming up with a solution is difficult sometimes.

In such situations, we have different opinions like we can go through video tutorials on YouTube or online sources that provide instructions on computer troubleshooting or you can contact your seller who will probably ask you to bring the computer for repair. 

But I found it better to learn troubleshooting skills. This is a convenient option to enroll yourself in formal courses on a dedicated website to know about the subjects. The best thing is most of the sites offer free services and by this, we can learn computer troubleshooting and tech support. 

So here I am with the best sites which can help you in learning computer troubleshooting and tech support.

BrightHub .com is a site that provides online educational information services. It is an excellent source of information, advice, and tutorials on computer software and hardware. The company offers informative articles, reviews, and blogs that help you in computer troubleshooting and security. It has a database of articles that you can search and the articles are also updated monthly by its contributors. 

Computer Hope

Computer Hope is a free online site that provides free services including a database of computer-related information. The organization offers FAQs to help you troubleshoot computer issues. It also provides computer-related questions, computer product details, an online forum, buying tips, online chat, and many more features.

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Bleeping Computer 

Bleeping computer is a website that provides technical information and offers free computer help through its forums which can help you in Computer troubleshooting. It is a good site that covers topics like computer software, computer hardware, operating system and tutorials which can help you in finding information about different computer issues fastly. 


Reddit is one of the most popular American sites that is used for social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussions. Reddit is also known for its ask me anything session with leading computer companies like Apple, Intel, and Microsoft to know about their latest updates of products and tackle news.


This site is beneficial mainly for Apple and Mac users as it benefits from tutorials especially to those who are new to the platform. It helps you with different topics like working with your Mac, information on Apple products, troubleshooting wireless networking, and advice on your computer software and hardware.

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Microsoft knowledge base at Microsoft support 

Most Microsoft Windows users will find helpful support from this site. The site has a collection of troubleshooting tips and tutorials from experts and other users or parties who are familiar with the most common issues of Microsoft products and they can help you in dealing with the issue. 

The Final Words

If you are also facing problems related to your computer Hardware or Software these websites can be a valuable companion for you to become a computer troubleshooter with tech support skills and soon you can deal with computer troubleshooting on your own. I will advise you to explore each one of them and resolve your problem related to your computer on your own without spending money.

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