Tips for piano players

Sitting in a large spacious room among the music lovers and having the ability to play enchanting songs on piano is the dream of every pianist. To entertain the audience you must be very good at this skill. Therefore, to help you out, we have compiled a few tips that you must pay attention to in order to turn your dream into reality:

Practice daily without excuses:

Make piano practice a daily habit by setting aside 20 to 30 minutes each day. It’s natural for you to have days when you would struggle finding time to practice but if you are passionate enough you will know how to prioritize it. Moreover, many piano learners make this mistake of practicing only one or two days a week. However, this method usually wears off their excitement because long practice sessions can be daunting and hinder your performance. Even the professional pianist who gives Piano lessons in San Jose ca doesn’t sit on a piano for more than 40 minutes. They take short breaks from time to time to keep themselves focused and concentrated.

Learn sight reading:

Sight reading is challenging for even some of the professional pianists but developing this skill at an early age would be really helpful for you. It is an art that will make you equipped to play any song without prior practice. It will also improve the eyes and brain coordination which helps a player to read the second line while they are playing the first one. As a result, the flow will not be disrupted and a player will be able to convey the feel of the song to the listeners. 

Focus on accuracy of the song instead of following the speed:

New piano players are very eager to play the song as it is but it is very important to understand that there are many failed attempts behind an original song. In order to reach that level, you should start slowly. Concentrate on pressing the right keys instead of pressing it quickly. With practice you will be able to match the tempo of the original song but mark the words “With practice”.

Understand the theory but also play the music:

Some tutors who provide private piano lessons San Jose only focus on teaching the theory initially which can sometimes be very boring for a new piano learner. However, playing the music side by side on a piano can make them look forward to each practice session.

Concentrate on scales:

When you practice Piano lessons San Jose ca, make sure that you pay attention to scales. It will help you in identifying which notes are sharp and which notes are flat. It won’t be a quick process but don’t worry about the time or speed. Instead start slowly and gradually increase your speed.

Divide a song into different sections:

As a beginner it can be really difficult to play a song in one go. Focus on practicing the rhythm and tempo of one part before moving on to another part. Moreover, you should always try to memorize each part properly. At times when you are not playing the music, listen to it because you will be able to retain it better and having a song in your mind will also motivate you to try it practically. When you play music in sections, try to include the ending section of the previous song in the new section to maintain continuity in your music

We hope these little tips will make your practice fun and you will be able pull off each song with perfection. If you are looking for private piano lessons San Jose, we would suggest you For the love of piano studio as they are one of the best piano teachers in town and well known for their unique teaching style.