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Top 10 Kareo Ehr Features That Make It a Cut Above the Rest!

As a medical practitioner, you’d know that having robust EHR Software is one of the most important factors in succeeding in the healthcare industry today. That’s why the EHR market is full of medical software for each type of medical practice and hospital. One of these EHR software is Kareo EHR. Kareo EHR Software includes a wide range of services like Practice Management (PM), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), medical billing, and Revenue Cycle Management.

But what makes Kareo EHR so special? Kareo EHR provides a fully integrated suite of services that help your medical practice focus more on patients instead of administrative tasks. Here’s a list of 10 features that highlight why Kareo is one of the best in the market.

1.   Customer Support Service

Good customer support is always a redeemable quality. The reason Kareo EHR is considered to be one of the best is because of its state-of-the-art customer support. As a practitioner, you have to make sure when you’re implementing an EHR system; you get the best of customer support because chances are you will run into problems.

When it comes to Kareo EMR software, they are deeply committed to establishing their customer support. In fact, when you sign up for their service, they even assign a success coach to your practice to ensure your success. In addition, they enable practitioners to go over free training modules, so you don’t miss out on any important feature. This way, you won’t have to spend hours on hours to understand the software. Kareo essentially believes that establishing a good working relationship with the customer is the key to maintaining a successful long-term customer relationship.

Kareo EHR focuses on the speed and availability of their customer representatives. Kareo understands that it is necessary for medical practices to make revenue without causing inconvenience to the patients. For this reason, it provides a quick customer support ticket that can immediately respond to customer concerns.

2.   Unique Features

Kareo EMR software comes with various new features, including digital charting and notes, customizable pricing plans, integrated patient portals, simple e-prescribing, customizable dashboard, secure messaging, eLabs, integration prescription discounts, and flowsheets.

Apart from this, they also feature solutions for insurance reimbursements, payment collections, HIPAA-compliant telehealth, and more. In this way, the software provides you access to almost everything that you need to streamline your medical processes from the inside out.

3.    Multi-specialty Features

Kareo EHR comes as a packaged deal with practice management and medical billing. They also offer services for more than thirty different specialties. You can even customize this feature when it comes to multi-specialty clinics.

4.    ICD-10 Ready

Kareo EHR also offers adeptness in the latest version of ICD-10 and CPT codes to make sure you get your payments faster. Although Kareo EHR itself doesn’t offer coding services, it has a rigorous check to make sure all of the codes are correct. Incorrectly coded codes can mean a lot of problems. For one, you might not get paid by the insurance companies on time or not at all.

Kareo EHR makes sure that your bills are accurately coded, eliminating the risk of errors. Apart from this, there are also fewer concerns as it prevents the claims from returning to the hospitals.

5.    Strong Reputations

Before making a decision about buying anything, what’s the one thing you look for? Whether the company you’re buying from has a positive reputation or negative. Kareo is one of the leading EMR or EHR project management software in the telemedicine industry. The company was founded in the year 2004 and has existed for almost 16 years.

In addition to this, Kareo has almost 150,000+ active users, including nurses, practitioners, physician assistants, billers, healthcare providers, and office managers. It also has a client base of almost 65,000 healthcare providers that use Kareo as their Medical Billing software. The company has offices all over the US, including San Diego, Costa Rica, and Irvine, with 485+ employees. Keeping all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that Kareo is one of the big players in the industry.

Plus Kareo EHR’s pricing is also pretty easy on the budget.

6.    Initiative and User-Friendly Design

Everyone loves new and innovative features when it comes to technology solutions. Of course, the same goes for EHR software as well. However, in the end, users always prefer an easy-to-use interface; Kareo EHR focuses on a minimalistic user-friendly dashboard to help you access patient information easily. It not only helps save time and energy but also keeps everything on track, such as KPIs, workflows, and essential tasks.

7.     Efficient Denial Management

Kareo EHR also comes equipped with all the medical billing services you might need. For instance, their state-of-the-art denial management helps you get paid faster without hassle. The tool provides an in-depth list of all denied claims and their reason for being rejected. So you can find the root cause of denied claims in your practice.

As a safety net, Kareo EHR also offers a claims processing check that involves three reviews before reaching the insurance companies. So you can make sure your claims are coded correctly.

8.  HIPAA Compliance

In order to safeguard your medical practice, it’s essential to work with an ISO-certified company that is Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Insurance Portability compliant. Kareo EHR is one of the companies that offers complete compliance with HIPAA rules and guidelines.

9.   Appointment Management

At first, automated reminders might not seem like a significant feature at first glance. However, once you peek into the benefits that it provides, you’ll begin to love this feature. Kareo EMR’s appointment management feature enables you to:

Improve Administrative Efficiency: One of the major benefits of automated reminders is that your employees won’t have to call each and every patient and remind them about their appointments. Moreover, you can also save up to $5,000 annually per staff member who spends his/her time calling the patients. 

Improve Patient Health: If a patient misses his/her appointment, not only does your practice incur a loss, but the patient’s health may also deteriorate. Due to the fact that Kareo’s automated reminders help reduce the number of absent patients, there is an advantage in helping patients as well.

Ensure Patient Satisfaction: A patient may or may not pick up a call from an unknown number when you call for a reminder. However, they would more likely read an automated email or text message.

10.  Calendar Management

You can also use Kareo EHR’s calendar management feature to color-code your appointments and workflows. Although this might not seem like an ordinary feature, when you’re managing appointments, it’s a great help. It helps reduce errors and ensures your workflows remain uninterrupted.

Final Words

Do we need to say more about why Kareo is the best EHR in the market? We believe the ten features of a Kareo EHR are more than enough to make a positive impact on any medical practice. If you still don’t believe us, you can check out various reviews of practitioners about Kareo EHR software. Kareo has all the features of an effective EHR software.

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