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Screen Recorder: 4 Options for Your Computer

It is very likely that you have already had to record the screen of your PC or your Mac, either to share content with friends or even to record something from the Internet.

While it may seem simple, recording the screen can be tricky because this functionality is not available on most computers.

But be aware that there are options for screen recorder apps for both types of systems! Some of them are paid, but we found and listed for you some applications that can meet all your needs very well, without you having to spend on it. Continue reading and see step-by-step how to use them!

RecordCast Screen Recorder (PC & Mac)

If you’ve always wanted an app that would record not only the computer screen but also your webcam images, RecordCast Screen Recorder is the best choice. Since it is web-based, you can easily utilize it on both Mac and Windows computers without requiring you to pay a cent at all. 

The use of the program is easy and intuitive. Just open the website on your browser, click on the Start Recording button. Then, you must configure the recording setting such as the webcam recording, audio adding or the recording area selecting. Then the recording starts. And in the end, the recording will be available.

You are able to edit your recorded videos with RecordCast‚Äôs video editor available. You can add images, music, text, elements, effects, overlays, background and others to beautify your video. 

Movavi (PC & Mac)

The Movavi, which can be downloaded for free, offers tools and powerful for you to add music and edit your videos. With it, you are able to create filters, change contrast or insert slides. The program was created for those who have little command of video editing, making it easy to navigate through the screen recorder on your computer. This way, you can make a professional video easily.

To use it, just open the program on your computer and click on the record button. 

CamStudio (PC)


The CamStudio is a video recorder to capture what happens on the screen of your PC and create videos in AVI format that can be converted to Flash (SWF) format. The program records the screens and sounds of the system and generates a video in AVI format, which can be edited later in other programs. 

Suppose you intend to put your video on the Internet or just transform it into a lighter file. In that case, CamStudio has a tool that allows you to transform the generated file (AVI) into a video file in the Flash format (SWF). With the feature, you save space and can still publish the video on a website without complications.

The application is pretty simple and easy to use. To use the screen recorder, simply install the program on the PC and then configure it the way you want. In the top corner, you can define:

  • whether to capture the entire computer screen or part of it;
  • the quality of the video that will be captured;
  • whether to record audio or not.

Ezvid (PC)

The Ezvid, exclusively for PC, is a screen recorder with a video editor built. The software has a positive point in relation to the others, especially if you play on the PC: the simplified Gamer mode makes life easier for those who want to share their gameplays on the Internet on YouTube or Twitch. To use it, just open the program on the computer and start recording on the REC button. 

Ezvid does not make recordings available on file; at most, you can upload the video directly to YouTube.

With some of these screen recorder options, you’ll be able to take tutorials and whatever else you need, with great capture quality. This could be the opportunity you needed to become a YouTuber and teach cool things over the Internet, right? Just don’t forget: to download any of these programs, you will need to have a good internet connection!

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These are the 4 best screen recording software that you can use on your PC. Besides, you can also go for Camtasia. It is a professional screen recording software that also allows users to edit the recorded clips. You can also get a heavy Camtasia Discount which makes this software affordable plus reliable.

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