Top 14 Books for IELTS General Preparation

Books are our best friends like you all know. Here, in this blog, we will look at the top 14 books for the preparation of the IELTS exam, one of the most famous and recommended tests in the world. Books can broaden your horizons and expand your understanding. They are crucial in achieving the required band score in the IELTS exam. However, keep in mind that you’ll be dependent on the books you chose to ace the exam. Are you looking for the best IELTS books to help you prepare for the IELTS test in the most effective way possible? There’s no need to go looking because here are the best books given below.

1. IELTS 5 in 1 Actual Tests for General IELTS

The combo of five e-books includes the most recent Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing Task 1, and Writing Task 2 questions from the General module (from June to September 2021). It also includes IELTS expert-written sample answers [for Speaking and Writing]. There are 41 listening tests and 20 reading tests in the package, all of which have answers. While the Speaking book has 110 part 1 questions and 92 part 2/3 questions with answers, the Writing Task 2 book only has 84 essay questions. In addition, for Writing Task 1, there are 27 sets of letters. A formal, semi-formal, and informal letter will be included in every set. This book is perfect for IELTS prep at home, but it may also be used in a classroom setting.

2 IELTS, 5 in 1 Actual Tests eBook  for Academic IELTS

This is one of the top IELTS General eBook bundles. It is a collection of five eBooks that cover all four aspects of the Academic module of the IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing (Task 1 and Task 2), and Speaking. What makes it unique is that it has the most recent IELTS questions (from June to September 2021). IELTS professionals supply the answers as well. There are 41 listening tests and 35 reading tests with answers included in the package. There are 110 part 1 questions and 92 part 2/3 questions with answers in the Speaking book. In Writing Task 2, you get sample responses and essay ideas for 84 IELTS questions, and in Writing Task 1, you get 100 reports. This book is great for IELTS prep at home, but it may also be used in a classroom setting.

3. The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

The Official Cambridge Handbook to IELTS is the definitive IELTS guide from the test’s creators, Cambridge Assessment English. This book covers all four IELTS components (writing, reading, speaking, and listening) and includes 10 practice tests for both Academic and General Training. Choose ‘The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS’ for comprehensive IELTS preparation. It could be your roadmap to exam success. While studying for IELTS, you can register for the test. It is something we would recommend to IELTS candidates who want to improve their overall scores.

4. Cambridge IELTS editions

The current edition of the Cambridge Practice Tests for the IELTS series is ‘Cambridge IELTS 13′. It includes four genuine Cambridge Assessment English IELTS assessment papers that provide superb exam practice. Students can acquaint themselves with IELTS and practice examination strategies using actual tests by using the Student’s Book with Answers.

In May 2017, the book ‘Cambridge IELTS 12′ was published. This book includes four authentic assessments for both the General Training and Academic modules. This book should be read by any student who will take the IELTS test to familiarise themselves with the test.

5. English Collocations in Use

Check out this book if you want to sound like a native speaker. It will help you enhance your spoken and written English style with 60 lessons on a wide range of themes, each containing two pages of theory and practice activities and over 1,500 collocations. This book is designed for intermediate and advanced IELTS students. We are confident that this wonderful book, English Collocations in Use, will help you achieve a Band 6.5+ on the IELTS.

6. English Vocabulary in Use

This book series is the best-selling vocabulary and practice book from elementary to advanced levels, and it is an excellent choice for IELTS students looking to improve their vocabulary. ‘English Vocabulary in Use’ is my favorite among the best-selling vocabulary books (Upper-Intermediate edition). The following are the book’s primary characteristics:

  • On the left-hand pages, vocabulary is explained and presented, with a multitude of inventive follow-up exercises on the opposite pages.
  • There are 100 units in total, covering nearly 3,000 new vocabulary words.
  • Allows students to consolidate and develop their existing vocabulary

You should buy this book if you want to prepare well for IELTS and gain more than 6.5 scores in IELTS. 

7. New Insight into IELTS

The book ‘New Insight into IELTS’ provides complete IELTS preparation and practice. The course gradually builds up the abilities, language, and test procedures students need to tackle IELTS with confidence by reviewing the test paper by paper and looking in detail at each task type. One of the greatest IELTS books for use in the classroom or self-study, the course includes a clear introduction to the test as well as a complete answer key. The materials are designed for students with a current level of roughly Band 6, and they are appropriate for both Academic and General Training applicants.

8. Barron’s IELTS Practice Exams

Barron is the number one choice of students for test preparation. The IELTS, an English competency test recognized by leading colleges, universities in the world, has a newly updated second edition with two audio CDs that prepare test takers for success on the IELTS.

9. Volume 1 and Volume 2 of the Official IELTS Practice Materials

This book is a complete teacher resource pack designed to assist students in preparing for the IELTS test. Samples of the Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking examinations are included in ‘These Official IELTS Practice Materials Volume 1 & 2′, together with example answers and examiner notes.

10. Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS

This advanced edition of ‘Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS’ focuses on vocabulary. Those students aiming for a band of 6.5 or above on the IELTS tests, as well as sample exam tasks from each subject, should buy this book. Further, this book concentrates on guiding students to 6.5 and beyond by concentrating on vocabulary-building tactics required for advanced levels of performance. It contains helpful hints on how to approach IELTS exam tasks and tackles particularly difficult topics like paraphrase and collocation.

11. Improve your IELTS Skills Series

Improve Your IELTS Skills – Reading is for students aiming for a band of 4.5 to 7.5 on the IELTS. Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Listening and Speaking are the three preparation courses in the series. The courses assist students to improve their language, abilities, and test-taking practices in order to improve their IELTS scores. The three volumes in the series can be utilized as a whole course or individually to focus on certain abilities. They can also be used on their own to enhance other coursebooks.

To improve Your IELTS Listening and Speaking Skills, this will help you as it is a comprehensive preparation course for the International English Language Testing System’s Listening and Speaking Modules.

12. Cambridge Grammar for IELTS

One of the best grammar books for IELTS preparation is this one. In terms of the grammar required for the IELTS test, ‘Cambridge Grammar for IELTS’ has you covered, as well as aiding in the development of your listening abilities. It features useful grammar explanations and a grammar lexicon, as well as a large range of IELTS activities from the Academic and General Training Reading, Writing, and Listening modules.

13. IELTS Advantage Series

Richard Brown (Author) and Lewis Richards (Author) have created ‘IELTS Advantage: Writing Skills,’ a complete resource for IELTS students aiming for a 7.0 or above in the Writing component of the Academic IELTS test. Authors with many years of expertise in helping hundreds of IELTS applicants obtain a high IELTS score take students step-by-step through the many tasks in the writing module, using material created in the classroom. One of the best books for learning how to write essays is this one.

14. Cambridge IELTS Trainer with Answers

Cambridge English’s ‘IELTS Trainer’ offers six full practice tests, as well as easy-to-follow expert assistance and exam hints. The first two tests are completely guided, with detailed instructions on how to approach each paper. Extra practice activities are based on a database of genuine candidate exam papers and target areas where students are most likely to require assistance.

IELTS Advantage: Reading Skills 

This book is designed for IELTS students who aspire to achieve a score of 6.5-7.5 or above on the IELTS Academic Reading Test. This book focuses on vocabulary building and paraphrases training in order to help you succeed in the IELTS reading paper. It teaches IELTS students a variety of critical skills for reading efficiently and comprehending texts more quickly, such as skimming, scanning, and speed-reading techniques, which will help students improve their reading scores.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed when studying for the IELTS exam, but it doesn’t have to be. You will succeed if you have patience, a desire to study, and perseverance. You’ll also need prepared books if you want to succeed. These books will help you better understand the exam, and help you in achieving a high score.

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