Top 15 Sources of Tech Information You Can Find in 2022

It is astonishing how much information you can find on the internet. The Age of Information has one very important hallmark, accessibility of knowledge. These days anyone with an internet connection, a device, and some basic reading skills can learn new things. In fact, I know of several self-taught professionals with no teacher except the internet.

Top 15 Tech Info Sources in 2022

Even if you don’t want to necessarily learn new skills, the internet has a lot of knowledge to offer, especially in tech. My own junior school kids can explain how Spectrum packages work. The problem is, the internet is vast. There are thousands of sites that service the same niche. Some are good, others not so good, and still others are excellent. To save you the trouble of having to find solid information by hit-and-trial, here is a list of the top 15 tech information sources this year:

  1. G2 Crowd
  2. Kickstarter
  3. TechSpot
  4. Engadget
  5. Lifehacker
  6. CNET
  7. CreativeBloq
  8. Gizmodo
  9. Usability Geek
  10. The Next Web
  11. Fast Company
  12. WIRED
  13. MIT Technology Review
  14. Recode
  15. TechCrunch

Let’s quickly take a brief look at each website or blog and see what makes them reliable sources of information.

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd offers some of the best expertise and knowledge of technology and business trends. The site is primarily a platform to peer-review new and useful business software. It usually features excellently written, actionable content from industry experts.


Everyone knows Kickstarter as one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platform. This has allowed Kickstarter to amass a vast library of creativity and innovation. In addition to supporting startups and new businesses, the website comes with an exhaustive newsletter covering business and technology updates.


TechSpot is a popular publication that publishes technology and computer knowledge on a daily basis. It has a diverse audience consisting of gamers, IT managers, tech geeks, and serious users. The website has accumulated over 6 million readers per month since its inception in 1998.


If you’re looking for new information or reviews on new technology, Engadget is a great option. First appearing in 2004, the website produces a wide range of content covering tech, entertainment, and gaming. Its Engadget Tomorrow section is full of information on the latest gadgets and technologies.


Lifehacker is not just a website to learn new things about technology. It targets an audience that strives for perfection and ergonomics. It comes with handy tips on how to better organize your professional and personal life. The content it normally features contains hacks and tips from leading experts from a  broad range of industries.


CNET is the place to visit if you’re looking for information, reviews, and specifications on tech hardware. Whether you want a new smartphone, laptop, VR headset or other hardware, the website has information on it all. The site also features a News section that covers new and emerging hardware.


CreativeBloq offers fresh design tips and ideas to web and graphic designers. It is a popular favorite among professionals with good aesthetic working for visual-oriented employers. It helps flex your creative muscles while offering new insights relating to the latest design software, as well as tutorials.


Gizmodo is a tech blog that should be on any tech junkie’s shortlist of favorite blogs. Gizmodo offers a youthful take on the modern technological landscape. It has hundreds of tech posts, along with comments that are instantly meme-worthy.

Usability Geek

Usability Geek is your go-to website for your next design project. The blog services the UX and usability niche, offering tons of relevant information and news. It can help you build an app, website, or anything else related to design with the minimum of guesswork.

The Next Web

Based out of Canada, The Next Web is your source for all information in the world of business as well as the Web. TNW originally started out as a conference event, but soon became a popular publication. It brings meaningful and insightful information, coupled with some good humor to become an excellent information source.

Fast Company

Fast Company is a business-focused website, with a target audience consisting of dynamic business leaders. The content it produces focuses on new developments in leadership, business technology, and innovation. It encourages readers to push the traditional boundaries of business tech to propel their organizations to the next level.


Almost everyone these days has heard of WIRED magazine. It looks at the impact of new technologies on politics, economy, and culture. The blog has a unique, modern style of relaying news that makes it very popular among millennials and Gen Z users.

MIT Technology Review

Curated by the Massachusetts Institue of Technology, the MIT Technology Review is a serious publication. It focuses on new developments in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. The scientific approach it uses makes it one of the most reputable and reliable tech information sources available today.


Recode has made a name for itself as a reliable source of information thanks to its respected and well-informed team of tech journalists. The publication acts as an independent news source for technology reviews and analyses. It makes a point of covering the most trending technology during any given period.


TechCrunch is perhaps the most well-known tech publication on this list. The magazine is your source of information on all things tech, from the latest Spectrum TV Choice packages to the newest developments in IoT. It specializes in presenting digestible versions of complex ideas that can be understood by a larger audience.