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Top 5 clever cleaning tips that will change the way you clean your ATV

If you an ATV owner then you must be very good at getting your ATV dirty. From being used on muddy tracks to sand roads, most of the terrains on which you ride your ATV make your ATV dirty and that’s the fun part of owning an ATV. But when it comes to cleaning your ATV in order to bring back its shine, that’s where the fun part ends and the real work begins.

Many people just pour a bucket full of water on their ATV and then clean it with any brush or cloth. But that’s not the right way of cleaning your ATV. If you keep cleaning your ATV in the wrong way then you will not only affect its durability but you will also hamper its performance. This is why we have come with the top 5 clever cleaning tips that will completely change the way you clean your ATV.

Use the soap and sponge method

Many people use a good pressure washer in order to clean their ATVs in the best possible way but a better approach will be to use the traditional soap and sponge method. You will just need to use a soft sponge with some good quality automotive soap and mildly scrub your ATV while applying extra pressure as per the need. While using the sponge, you will mainly have to focus on the seat, the frame and the wheels as these parts are notorious for allowing dust residues to settle. If you are finding it difficult to clean a particular portion of your ATV four wheeler with a sponge then you can use a good stiff brush as it works like a magic wand on embedded oil and dirt.

Focus on drying your ATV

Just cleaning your ATV is half the job done as you will also need to focus on drying your ATV as well. There are different ways in which you can dry your ATV and you should choose the best one according to your personal preference. The most basic method of drying your ATV is the lint-free towel and sun method. If water spots haven’t set in yet, then you should definitely use this basic method. All you will need is to get rid of most of the water by using a lint free towel and then leave your ATV under sunlight in order to dry it out completely.

Use muffler plugs

It is true that your ATV will not be damaged even if you pour a bucket full of water on it but there are some parts of an ATV that need to be kept protected while cleaning. If water will enter the exhaust then it can lead to serious issues and that’s why you should use a muffler plug. You will just need to put the muffler plug at the opening of the exhaust and it will prevent water from entering the exhaust system of the ATV four wheelers for sale. The muffler plugs are stiff enough to not fall out and soft enough to insert in the exhaust pipe.

Add a coat of shine

If you are not interested in keeping your ATV sparkling new then you can skip this tip. After all, you are again going to take it back to the mud terrains and make it dirty. But adding a coat of shine will not only make your ATV shine but it will also reduce any scuffs on the plastic and give durability to the faded areas of your ATV. This is why even if you are not in the mood to get a sparkling shine on your ATV, you should still add a coat of shine by using plastic police. It is recommended to use a good quality plastic spray on your ATV.

So, get rid of the basic water and brush method for cleaning your ATVs and use the above-mentioned tips and tricks.

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