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This is a question that must have bothered many minds, especially guys. You don’t just go on a spraying spree. Well, you are in the right place! Here, we will discuss on where to spray cologne. Follow till the end! 

Cologne shouldn’t be an after-thought. It should be pre-conceived; an idea that stays with you, in order for you to fully express it. It shouldn’t be the last thing you put on, it should actually be the first!

Talking about where to spray cologne, it shouldn’t be the clothing on the body, but the skin. You should use a cologne spray when you are still void of clothing; this way, the fragrance becomes one with you. You are to blend with whatsoever fragrance you put on, so that the scent disperses and becomes one with your body chemistry. Moreover, it shouldn’t be sprayed on your clothing because the oils and alcohols in some fragrances can ruin some delicate fabrics.

Now, you might be wondering, where exactly on the skin? You can’t just go on spraying without having a goal or focus in mind. There are delicate and sensitive places in the body that you need to keep off from (like the area around your groin), while there are major places you target for the spray. More so, one to three sprays is enough, if not too much (depending on the scent of the cologne). just avoid multiple times in the same spot.

After getting out of the shower, spray along your pulse points; areas where blood vessels are closest to the skin – the neck, chest, wrists, elbow, jaw and forearm. These areas produce more heat, therefore diffusing your fragrance into the air; just give the scent some seconds to dry before putting your clothes on. 

They are warm places that allow the scent to be retained throughout the entire day. Targeting these areas just requires just one or two to focus on. The wrists and neck usually makes a good combination. It is important to note that the crutch, armpits, and behind the knees are warm areas too, but are not usually ideal for cologne.

Apart from the skin, you can spray briefly on your clothes before putting them on. This isn’t negating the fact that you shouldn’t put on your clothing as stated above. But, you just need to understand that the former statement refers to when you are clothed already, while the latter here is before you put on your clothings. That is, it is so much sensible to spray down your clothings, than spraying when worn already.


Knowing what to do to make your cologne last longer is usually dependent on where the cologne is sprayed. Let’s just consider some tips in knowing how to make your cologne last as long as possible.

  • Moisturising before applying. A dry skin will reduce the time a scent will last. You can actually get a 24-hour moisturiser to keep hydrated and still smell good. That’s why it is so advisable to take a nice and probably hot shower before applying your cologne.
  • Rub Vaseline on pulse points. Just as explained above, pulse points are areas that produce more heat. The Vaseline before the cologne will help to retain the scent, as it sticks to the skin, making your cologne last longer.
  • You can spray some cologne on your hairbrush. It is not advisable to spray cologne directly into the hair, especially if it is alcohol-based. But, you can spray some on your hairbrush and swipe it through your hair, without drying the hair. Your hair carries scents better, even than most parts of your body.

You want suggestions on cologne that lasts longer, check this out – Creed Aventus Perfume. You will not regret your decision to do so!


It isn’t enough to just know where to spray cologne, but also to practice constant and good cologne etiquette.

Find the right cologne yourself. You need to be able to find the right cologne that suits and defines you. Do not let someone get it for you. Know how to select and use your scents.

Buy good cologne. Of course, cost can be a determinant factor in getting a quality cologne, but do not settle for one that is badly made. Invest in quality long-lasting ones, you will definitely see the difference. It is good to always buy from a department store, or cosmetic store. One of the good predictor of a good cologne is its sturdy bottle and heavy caps.

Do not use over-powering cologne. You don’t have to wear a cologne that disturbs the peace of others smell. Apply your cologne spray lightly so that you won’t be embarrassed by stares from people around.

Be consistent. Don’t be a one-day on, one-day off cologne user. Do well to build up your signature scent with constant use. Apply your cologne everyday.

Do not hoard your scent. Usually, colognes last for three years. The natural oils in the cologne can expire. Don’t wait around to use your cologne for a later date, use it.

Don’t rub the cologne into your skin. After applying the cologne, it is a bad habit to rub it into the skin. Spray and then allow some seconds for it to dry, and then you put on your clothes.

Hold the spray bottle few inches away from the body. To avoid over-applying, you shouldn’t hold the bottle any closer than 3 inches. To avoid under-applying, you shouldn’t hold the bottle any further than 6 inches.

Reapply to the wrists. When the fragrance starts wearing off, you don’t need to spray the whole body (especially when you are out already). just spray the wrists, and you will be fine.

Knowing where to spray your cologne is important, so that you can have the look you have always looked forward to seeing on people’s faces.

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