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Ethnic fashion style for winter season

Some people says that winter is a gloomy season, that you can only wear dark colors but this season hasn’t to be boring, you can use bright colors, embroidered or printed clothes it will help you to highlight your outfit. 

An option to add color to your look is use ethnic clothes, there’s a huge variety of garments and you definetely could find something that you will love. 

Tribal design, symmetry and bright colors are the new trend this season. The originality of every design and the variety of colors, it will make unique every outfit. Wear warm and stylish clothes it’s posible.

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The most important garment for this season is undoubtedly the sweater.

This pieces gives you a touch of relax and cool vibe without keeping you warm in those cold days. 

Light colors aren’t exclusive for summer, you can wear sweaters with bright colors in this winter, you’ll look different of every girl outside. 

If you really want it to keep you warm you should wear chothes made by cotton or alpaca wool, this material isn’t only keep you warm but also it’s texture will make feel really comfortable.



Hats it’s a piece that you must have in your wardrove in this winter. Hats, beanies or its Andean version called chullo. The chullo is an accessory that will not only serve to keep you warm, it will also give you a chic to your outfit. 

Another option is the cowboy hat, this is a very fashion accessory and add style to your look so you shouldn’t leave it aside this winter.



A totally match with the chullo are the scarves. If you are a cold person you need to get a scarf, this will keep your neck warm and also is a fashion piece that should wear in this season. 

There exists alot of models, designs, sizes and colors, now it depends to you choose your favorite.



Variety of types, if you want to keep warm your hands you must wear a pair of gloves, specially one that can cover all your hand but if you want use it like an accessory, you should use one that let you show your fingers.

Wear dark clothes in winter is very typical but if you want to add a little touch of color you need to wear gloves, this would make all the difference in your outfit.



This isn’t only a clothes that you can wear in summer, you can also wear it in winter, but obviously not too short, long skirts are in trending, but you can combine it with tops or jackets. 

A tip to wear skirts and not froze with the cold weather is use knee socks, this kind of socks will help you to keep your legs warm, plus is a very cute accessory. 


Ethnic denim jacket

Denim jackets is a complement that you can use in every season. In this case this garment has a little change, the ethnic print. 

This print gives all the style to the jacket, you can find jackets with ethnic print on the back, sleeves, etc. Another trend in denim jacket are the embroidery, many colorful threads that make geometric shapes, flowers and other beautiful things.

Also you can search for different colors in denim material like blue, ligh blue, white, green and black.


Ethnic bag/purse

A purse is an accessory that every woman must have. There is a huge variety of kinds of purses or bags, so you will definitely find the perfect one for you. 

There is a type of bag for every kind of woman like minimalist, colorful, printed, embroidery, casual, etc.  

A colorful bag is an accessory that it will help you to change all your look. 


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