Top four websites frequented by Students

Ever since the internet took the world by storm in the 90s, there has been a dramatic surge in internet websites.

There’s a website for just about anything and websites related to students are no exception, from educational tools to courses to services that students find useful.

We decided to find out exactly which websites students were using the most and so we got to work.

We gathered a lot of data, from google datasets. Then prepared a random sample that decently represented the population.

From the prepared sample, we contacted each website to provide details for the purpose of this study.

We were fortunate enough to get google analytics details from 97 % of the websites for our study and found out deeper details about exactly which websites come out on top when it comes to student engagement. 

The data was pretty decent since google analytics reports from these websites showed us exactly what age groups were engaging these websites and what they were, students or others.

Bear in mind, that our study only accounted for student engagement and not with high internet traffic. These websites come nowhere close to the highest traffic websites.

These websites are the ones whose audience is exclusively students.

Here’s 4 websites we found that students were using the most.


This website is the most popular with students, and probably it has all reasons to be. This website provides different free browser based math and science calculators.

For instance, midpoint calculator, theoretical yield calculator, voltage divider, integral calculator and many more.

This website has the most engagement in academic years, when there are no school vacations, and either the exams are going on or the teachers are bombarding students with assignments. 


There’s 9 reasons why this website is the 2nd most frequented one by students. It has the most usable tools if you think about it when it comes to academia.

Students make home assignments, prepare presentations, prepare notes, and whatnot. It’s natural that this website would come in handy.

It’s got tools like pdf to word converter, pdf to excel converter, word to pdf converter, pdf splitter, pdf merger and pdf to ppt converter. 

All kinds of tools that students need in making assignments, presentations and notes.


The third one on our list is This website is a haven for learning. And in a globalized world powered by the internet, it has become a gold standard for educational equality across the world.

The website provides more than 3000 online courses that students can enroll in, learn stuff and get their certificates. The skills acquired through this website then help students get jobs or start a business.

So it’s really making the world a better place.

Equation Balancer

It seems like chemistry and biology students are heavily into balancing equations these days. This website came 4th in student engagement, mostly from students of chemistry and biochemistry.

The website provides a free browser based app for the purpose of balancing chemical equations and experiences the most engagement from students particularly from North America. 

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