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Can Stock Images Affect SEO of Your Business Website

Finding the right stock images can be a big challenge for you. Firstly, the internet is full of stock images, and selecting one out of so many can be tricky. Secondly, if you even narrow down your research even then the images night have issues like labeling etc.

Stock images definitely affect one’s business’ website. Here are a few reasons why you should not use stock images and how can they affect your business website.

1.Used worldwide:

The first disadvantage of using stock images is that they are being used worldwide. Everyone who is owning a business uses stock images to express what they want to convey and attract more users. If you use the image that has already been used then it will give a negative impact on your website, it will be like you have stolen it from someone else’s site. So if you want to use the stock images then you need to edit them for yourself and your website. You need to add in some different color schemes or maybe some additional images to make it look more original or to fit in your website.  

2. Look and Feel:

You know that stock images are not made relevant to your business or website. Your website has its own color-scheme and its look. When you download a stock image and use it for your website and let’s suppose it didn’t fit-in then gives a really bad impression on the customers who visit your website. So if it is necessary to use a stock image then you need to edit it and set it according to your website’s look which means match the color scheme and add in some more images of humans or maybe some gadgets to make it more up to the mark.

3. Keep it relevant: 

Let’s suppose you select an image that is not even relevant to your company that won’t give a positive impression of your website. Use the images that are up to date, using images that are out of date will bring a negative effect on your website. If you want to reflect your company in an image then be very careful about the selection. It should be very relevant to your website and your work and that you may update it accordingly as well. Using new images or up to dated ones is strongly recommended because they will attract more people.

4. Branding/Sharing:

Once you use a stock image that has already been used for some brand. It will portray your brand as a copier and this perception will last forever. This travels if one person shares your website with another and goes on. To avoid such issues you need to firstly, stop relying on stock images and secondly, customize your images according to the demand of your wordpress website. You may adjust the color of the image in accordance with your website or you can add in the images related to your business.

5. Test your image:

Images come in two different ways is Portrait and landscape. The portrait images, as the name suggests, is like a portrait. Their height is greater than the width. Whereas landscape is the total opposite of these images. What you need to do is before buying the images you must try the images on your website and test it if it looks better or not. Take the watermark image and test it first and later pay for it. If you buy an image without testing then it will bring a negative effect on your website.

The above mentioned are the few reasons which state that stock images can affect the SEO of your business. There are thousands of free stock image websites and thousands of users. No image can be promisingly said that it is not used. So you need to stay aware of the fact that if you used the image it must be customized so that it doesn’t harm the SEO of your website. Making little changes in the image can bring big differences. Identify the problems with the stock image and update it according to the given requirement.  You may change the color scheme or add in humans or animal images because it attracts more users. Avoid using images that create a negative perception of your website.  

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