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Top brands that have got their social media marketing game right

Marketing, in general, is very important to boost brand presence and engagement. And social media marketing is that aspect which allows you to do exactly this but in a better and easier way. When you introduce your audience with your brand through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or anything else you are doing social media marketing. When you are able to grab your target audience’s attention by involving them in a conversation with which they can relate, you have got the social media marketing game right. So, if your audience needs to know about your brand, and if you have got the solutions to their pain points then there’s no stopping you. Social media will give you a huge customer base, all you need is a good social media marketing strategy. And to build the right one you must understand a few key points like knowing what your audience is looking for. What are the popular trends that are going viral over social media? How can you relate your brand message with the latest trend that people are talking about? 

To be able to build an excellent social media strategy, you must understand what your audience wants and then combine some SEO practices to grab the best results. You can look up the best SEO company in India and proceed with your marketing strategies but before that make sure you know about the top brands that have got their social marketing strategies perfected.

Netflix India: The number of Netflix subscribers by the end of 2020 have increased by 4.1 million. Netflix India has about 11 million youtube subscribers and 1 million Twitter followers, no doubt people love Netflix big time. And these numbers prove it well. But what is their strategy behind it? How have they managed to get so many people talking? Seeing their stats we can make out that they have gained a big number of users in just a few years. Is it because of the recent mobile membership plan that they have made for India? Or is it because of the customised recommendations that Netflix offers to each user? Or is it because of the amazing movies and shows that they provide to their users? What is the reason behind them attracting a huge crowd into purchasing a Netflix membership? To be honest, it is none of those. The reason behind their popularity and success is the strong social media marketing strategy which has always kept the conversation going. Be it a pandemic, a lockdown, a normally tiring day at the office or a lousy weekend, they have brought out trends for each day and each mood. Their community section on Youtube is filled with weekend movie suggestions and is full of user interaction examples. You can look up to Netflix India as it poses out as one of the best social media marketing examples online.

Zomato: We all know how interactive Zomato is on Twitter and Instagram. Zomato is known for being super active on social media and that has actually helped them spread their brand awareness internationally. They have not only gained recognition but also been able to know and interact with their audience. This way they have improved a lot and also managed to grow their brand name. Zomato knows its audience best and that is one reason why they are able to interact with them at a very personal level. Be it the personalised notifications that you get on your Zomato application, or fabulous tweets that can make you chuckle or their active Instagram trends that get you talking, they have it all. Zomato is known for its witty tweets and awesome comment that they put up online. So if you too want to up your social media marketing game then there are several digital marketing companies in India that can help you do just that. They can analyse your requirements and give you the best strategies for your brand.

Amazon Prime India: Amazon prime India has upped its Instagram game and if you are an avid movie lover then chances are that you also have a prime membership. Amazon prime has best quality shows, personalised recommendations, top IMDb rated shows and much more that you get a nominal price but apart from that, they have a very strong social media engagement as well. They are quite interactive when it comes to building a strong relationship with their audience. Most of the posts that Amazon does on its Instagram account are either related to the trends or witty enough to engage you. They have created a brand presence on Instagram which is unavoidable. 

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