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How to Grow your Business Reach through Instagram?

You can give your best in creating your website, but if your website lacks the results, the efforts can go in vain. That’s why it’s important to promote your business on marketing platforms. If we look over all the marketing channels today, the most popular platforms these days is Instagram. It not only has more than a billion users, but it’s also fun to use. So, no matter whether you have a real estate business, e-commerce, or advertising one, you can grow your business reach by making most of the Instagram features. 

1.Start with a Business Profile

The IG business page has more features to grow your audience than your personal account. So, always start with a business profile as it will help you to learn your post insights and make decisions accordingly. The more you’ll understand your audience, the better reach you’ll create through your Instagram.

Write a compelling business introduction in your author bio, which clearly depicts what your business is about. Add your website link in the bio so users can click it to learn more about you.

2. Promote your IG Channel

If you have a huge following on Facebook and less on IG, then cross-promote your IG on your Facebook channel and ask people to follow you. Similarly, you can also ask influencers or the relevant small businesses to follow you on Instagram. In return, you should also follow them back and collaborate with them to increase your post reach. Do tell your audience that you exist on these channels.

3. Repurpose your Blog

After creating your business profile, start posting interactive content on your IG. Your posts should have captivating pictures that spark your audience’s interest and give them reasons to like your post. You can repurpose your existing blogs in posts by sharing some beautiful words and pictures in your blog. This will leave the audience with curiosity to learn more about you. 

In addition, you can also post the blog excerpts and ask a question from your audience. It will draw engagements and grow your following on IG. 

4.  Create your Brand hashtag

Creating your brand hashtag builds your social engagement. For example, if you’re an eCommerce business and your products have separate hashtags. By posting your product pictures with the relevant hashtags will make it easy for the customers to search it.

On the other hand, if your customer posts the pictures using the same hashtag, you can repost it on your IG. This will let the customers post more using your hashtags as they will get the chance to be featured on your page. 

5.  Show your Creativity

Instagram is the hub of creativity. You must have seen the bloggers posting heart-winning pictures and taking over the likes and comments. That’s how creativity sparks on Instagram. When you run social media platforms for business

, you should act relevant to those platforms because you can’t post a detailed note on Instagram and wait for the people to like.

Understand that IG is a creative platform where you’ll get noticed because of your creativity and uniqueness. So, keep enjoying the nature of the platform and make it fun to use. 

6. Repost

You might have some small brands and influencers in your niche who are quite relevant to your business. Download their photos using Instagram tools and post them on your accounting with a mention of them. This will introduce your business to their followers, the more repost you’ll do on your account, the better will be your page reach. When you repost the content, the brands can also give a shout out on their business pages, which will grow your IG following.

7.  Create Stories 

Storytelling feature on IG is worth using, and it has the potential of growing your followers if your story is interesting. So, tell your audience what you’re up to and what’s behind the business or how much effort you put in making your product successful. This kind of storytelling can certainly touch your audience and result in increasing your brand credibility.  

With constant posting on your Instagram and using the best of SEO services Toronto on your website, you can maximize your business revenue and also boost your search engine ranking. 

Instagram is the best tool to grow your small business if you know how to use it, and the tips above will help you with that. 

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