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What do you get when you unscramble the letters THANS

Are you someone who is always left scratching his or her heads over the section of unscrambled words cheat in your daily local newspaper? Do you try to work through the word piece by piece for hours, sitting hunched over that cruel paper from the morning till night, and even later, staying awake with the moon and the stars? What can be more annoying than finding out that something had been right before your eyes all this time but you could not take a hold of it despite trying for hours at end? 

If you are someone who has made very little progress, like every normal human being out there, we request you not to worry! We were all once in the same place and can assure you that this period of tremendous pain will one day end and you will come across the best solutions for figuring out the puzzle! A good place to start from and get tips from is the advice we jot down below! 

Imagine if you are new to this cruel puzzle and get hit by THANS on one of your first exposures to it. What now? We can understand the confusion and frustration you must be feeling. But do not worry! We have the perfect solution for you. 

The First Step

The first tip that we would give is to ensure that you remain relaxed throughout the time that you solve the puzzle. This can be done in no better way than by using Lego lights kits. Remember that this may not seem important right now, but is, in fact, some of the most important things, as you cannot work to your full potential if your mind is saturated and inefficient. It is important to relax and take breaks so as to allow your brain to recharge and be able to work with more force when you return to descrambling the word. 

Decoding the Jumble!

Now, the method of decoding this puzzle! This may seem like a big thing but it really isn’t. Take a good look at THANS. Lego night mode is another attractive feature that can make you focus or simple let loose after a long session of brainstorming. First, grab a notepad and a pencil, and jot down the vowel in it. Once you have done that, identify the consonants and note them down too. Now comes the fun part! Start mixing up the two and make a familiar sound. 

Once you have the sound, add another alphabet from the ones you have to make a complete word, such as ‘sat’, ‘stan’, ‘hat’, ‘ant’, ‘than’ and much more. The shorter the word, the better it is to create more words from it. You can easily work your way up from this combination. Lego lights are perhaps one of the most relaxing and stress freeing objects in the world; simply light them up and start putting them in order, saying goodbye to fidget spinners! 


We hope you have a lot of fun piecing this together! Here’s to a night of tremendous fun. Let the games begin! 

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