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Top Trends of Mobile Game Industry

The mobile gaming industry is growing at an unexpected rate. In 2021, more than 3.3 Billion people are playing mobile games and their overall spending reached $116 Billion. There are many games like clash of titans, candy crush saga, free fires, PUBG, and many more that are popular among all age group people. All games have become money pullers. Games are played all over the globe but some games have so specific features and eye-catching designs that users become attached to them and all that helps them to play them more. Games are played by people not only for entertainment but also for earning money. So, game development companies are paying attention to making more advanced games. Here, in this article, we are going to find out new trends in the mobile game industry that are making games more likable.

The future of mobile game development is very bright due to its huge market and its demand all over the globe. Now, the gaming industry is counted as the most appealing and beneficial industry. Day by day more entrepreneurs is approaching the gaming world with innovative ideas and making it more advanced and user-friendly.

Why is Mobile Gaming  So Popular?

We all know that mobile gaming is becoming so popular over time and there are many reasons behind this like simple, cost-friendly, small, interactive graphics, easy to play, etc.  Here, we will briefly discuss the factor that is making mobile gaming so popular.

Convenience of Access

We all know that in a busy world mobile gaming suits us. We can play while working, while waiting for someone, at home, on the bus or train, and also at home. We can access mobile at any place and can play games at any time so it is easy to access making it in more demand.


Top mobile games always come with free versions and you have no need to buy them till a certain level. Paid mobile games compared to other devices are also very low. Due to having pocket friendly, it is highly in demand. In a smaller amount, we can explore more fun.

User Friendly

Due to its simple user interface, it has become so easy to play.

Social Gaming

Now a days, you can connect yourself with your friends and other people by using social options, you have no need to play alone. Social gaming is making mobile games more interactive. Social gaming is counted as a vital factor in mobile gaming.


With time innovation is taking place and that is making mobile games more advanced and easy to use with a lot of new features.  Innovative ideas and advanced features make the mobile game more attractive and interactive.

Top 7 Trends in Mobile Game Industry

If you are planning to invest in mobile game development or want to opt for mobile games as your business then you should always count on the latest mobile game development trends to keep you ahead in the competitive market. Here are the latest trends-

Hyper-casual gaming

Hyper casual gaming is lightweight gaming that comes with simplicity. You have no need for tutorials to play such kinds of games. Its mechanics offer you a simple, addictive, and engaging platform. It is so simple that everyone adopts them easily. The design and development of these games take very little time.

Augmented Reality

To stay ahead in the competitive market augmented reality helps you a lot. AR gaming uses the real world to build a mobile game. Pokemon Go is the best example of Augmented reality. AR gaming applications use GPS, a camera, a clock, and a gyroscope. These games are totally based on real or live locations.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Gaming

To run the same games on multiple platforms like tablets, mobile, laptops, desktops and many more developers use cross-platform gaming technology so users can easily adopt them and use them. In this, you have no need to develop different gaming apps for different platforms. Single code will work on all kinds of platforms. It is convenient for both users and developers.

Mobile Game Monetization Trends

Monetizing applications is the best way to earn a good sum for developers.  Paid applications, brand placements in apps, offers, rewards, and in-app advertisements are the best monetization methods. You can also monetize your app to earn money.

Mobile Cloud Gaming

Fortnight and PUBG are examples of mobile cloud gaming. If you want to improve a player’s strength in the game then you have to pay a charge and after paying you can get more advanced weapons or things so you can play or perform smartly and quickly. Its subscription model also helps developers to develop new and advanced features. This trend helps developers to earn a lot. It helps you to live your life in the best ways.


Multiplayer games are in high trend. The craze for multiplayer games is highly increasing day by day. Games like PUBG made it more popular. With these trends, you can have fun while playing games with your friends and family. It also allows you to connect with friends and online players. This also helps you to participate in online gaming events as a team. Social media boosts these kinds of games. This feature helps you to create the best player circle.

Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) totally changed the online mobile gaming world. It helps you to get the best gaming experience. AI in any game can determine the fate of games that will be successful or fail. It enriches games with advanced features. Technologies like AR, VR, and AI are taking the gaming world to a new stage.

Final Words-

Apart from the above trends eSports, wearable technology, VR (virtual reality), the metaverse, NFT and blockchain are also in trend and playing a vital role in online mobile games. All mobile game development companies are following these trends to develop feature-rich and attractive mobile game apps. All these mobile game development trends will surely give a new direction to mobile games.