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My take on a trip to Miami

Nothing shouts “perfect vacation” quite like a Miami trip when it comes to enjoyable USA travel places. I can visit Miami again and again without getting bored. The city offers activities for everyone, whether they choose to soak up the sun, explore new restaurants, or admire the Art Deco architecture. I love to discover something new always and so I did by visiting this wonderful city. It was a smooth experience and the city is very safe, I must say. I have a lot to tell you about my take on Miami. So here is my travel guide, complete with advice on having fun in Miami.

How to reach Miami?

On the western edge of the city, in a sparsely populated suburban area, is where you’ll find the Miami International Airport. This airport serves as a vital hub for airlines between the European, North American, and South American regions. It is well-connected to all of the world’s main airports. Traveling by plane to Miami is relatively convenient because so many airlines provide daily flights booking to and from Miami International Airport.

Best time to visit Miami:

In Miami, summer is the best time of year. The sun shines strongly and the days are very bright in this season. Visitors can relax on the beach and take in the scenery. Additionally, from September through November, fewer tourists arrive. Even the flight prices are cheaper so you may plan to visit during these months.

Insider Tips:

  • Hurricane season in Miami starts from June 1 to Nov 30.
  • Do not step outside after dark, especially on the beach.
  • Free wifi is available on most of the food outlets including Starbucks and McDonald’s.
  • Local food trucks offer a wide variety of dishes at prices that are half those of restaurants. Dishes include meals from renowned chefs as well as classic morning fares and desserts.
  • Since Miami is a popular tourist destination, especially for people from the north trying to escape the cold, make your travel reservations early.
  • A lot of Miami’s trendiest locations have outdoor movie screenings that are free or inexpensive. You can bring a blanket or chairs and unwind while watching classics outside.

My visit to Miami:

I was lucky enough to check out so many places in this Florida’s city, so I’ll mention them one by one here.

Wynwood Walls

This was a location I was itching to explore for so long because I had seen so many pictures of it before I went. The late Tony Goldman, who wanted to revitalize the region by turning it into a big open-air art gallery, came up with the Wynwood Walls in 2009. The Wynwood Doors and Garden have been added, and prominent international graffiti and street artists have been commissioned to produce new works specifically for the location. I explored this art gallery and I must say you too should keep it on your priority list for what it has to offer. Additionally, this neighborhood encompasses more than just the Wynwood Walls. I stretched my legs and went exploring the neighborhood; the amazing street art surrounds Wynwood for a distance of several blocks.

Little Havana

Little Havana is a very lively neighborhood in the city. With its center on Calle Ocho (8th Street), you can discover excellent Cuban restaurants. Here I tried the Cuban sandwich. There were tailors where one can buy vintage guayabera shirts, cafes where one can drink authentic Cuban coffee, and many spots to sip mojitos. However, my favorite spot was The Ball and Chain, a pub with dancing all day and great music most nights. The atmosphere was upbeat, and although many tourists dropped by for a drink or two, they were balanced out by residents who came in to dance!

South Beach Food Tour

A cuisine tour is one of my favorites for getting to know a new location. You not only get to experience the local flavors, but you also get to meet the residents and hear their tales. I received a fantastic overview of Miami’s Latin influences and where to locate the authentic flavors of the city during the Miami food tour of South Beach. Furthermore, at the Colombian restaurant Bolivar, I tried some delectable ceviche; at Larios, Gloria, and Emilio Estefan’s restaurant. And at Block’s Pizza, I tried some delectable picadillo; all were Cuban cuisine.

Thriller Boat Ride

Want to get your adrenaline dose in Miami? With spectacular views of the city’s skyscrapers, this boat tour also takes you to some of the must-see locations, such as Star Island and Fischer Island. This rush is intense. I loved viewing the homes owned by Enrique Iglesias, Will Smith, and The Beckhams. This was in addition to the excitement of driving fast around Miami Bay and getting a bit wet in the process.

Everglades National Park

Swamps, meadows, and subtropical jungles cover 1.5 million acres of Everglades National Park. 14 endangered species call it home, including the American Crocodile. It is designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage site. The unique ecosystem is also home to more than 350 bird species, 300 fish species, 40 animal species, and 50 reptile species. Each car must pay an entrance fee of $30. Here, riding in an airboat is a common pastime; I tried it by paying $25.

Miami Zoo

The Miami Zoo is both the biggest and the only tropical zoo in the USA. Numerous tourists from all around the world flock to the Zoo, which has about 3000 animals on 750 acres. Asia, Africa, the Amazon and Beyond, and Australia comprise the four sections of the zoo. An air-conditioned monorail system circles the zoo’s grounds and I took that rail to explore the zoo. It offers both a birds-eye perspective of the park and a practical means of transferring between its various exhibits. Also, I clicked dozens of pictures there that are perfect to upload on all my social media handles.

Key Biscayne

Next, I visited Key Biscayne for some fantastic beachfront parks, a gorgeous bike route, stunning views of Miami, and several swimming holes. Key Biscayne is the northernmost island and is approximately 15 minutes from town. If you wish to stay all day, bring a picnic and relax at Crandon Park or go swimming at the Key’s easternmost point. However, for transportation, it takes two hours to get from Miami to the Keys.

Frost Science Museum

The Frost Science Museum is a cutting-edge museum with four different buildings dedicated to science. It underwent a significant 250,000-square-foot expansion in 2017. With everything from sharks to tuna to tropical species, the aquarium transports you from the surface of South Florida’s aquatic environment down to its lowest depths. Additionally, there are exhibitions on biology, dinosaurs, and more! The cost of admission I paid here was $29.95.

Bottom Lines:

Indeed my experience was exciting and I couldn’t stop myself from talking about Miami. I wish I get another shot to visit Miami once again. This time, I would love to take my family along with me.