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Heating System

Most Recommended Type of Heating System for Residential

It is hard to let go of a heating system you have been using for a long time only to start with something new. Especially if you do not know the type of heating system to use. However, if you have a faulty heating system that needs a replacement, it would be a relief to get a better one as a replacement option. Heating systems are manufactured in various sizes and models for different home spaces. If you do not know much about heating units, you would have to consult a professional heating unit technician to guide you through.

Type of Heating System for Your Home Space

If you are confused about the heating system to use in your home, read through these listed heating systems to decide your choice.


A boiler, a heating system alternative, is a radiator distribution system. Hot water or steam is sent through pipes to generate heat. This type of heating permits users to utilize zoned heating and cooling. However, they are expensive to install and need more funds to run. Boilers and furnaces are often referred to as central heating systems because they generate heat right at the centre of the home and distribute them evenly across the home space.


The furnace is a forced air distribution system. It is powered by gas. The air is forced through installed ducts. Furnaces heat air with the use of oil, propane, or electricity. However, most homes in the states utilize natural gas to power their furnaces. Gas furnaces are the most famous and recommended heating options because the forced air distribution can be utilized by air conditioners when the weather is hot.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps are heating devices for heating and cooling the home as desired. Heat pumps utilize refrigerant and electricity to send heat, unlike the gas furnace, which generates heat directly. For this reason, heat pumps are regarded as the best heating systems. One fact is that they work best in locations where temperatures almost do not go below freezing point.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless mini-splits allow homeowners to create separate HVAC zones for each room in the home with a distinct thermostat. A mini split is economical, especially for larger homes. Also, it is great for areas that do not have ductwork installed.

Hybrid Heating

Hybrid heating combines the energy efficiency of a gas furnace and that of a heat pump. In this case, the heat pump operates to heat and cool the home. The furnace only comes up at extreme temperatures. In this case, the workload is reduced because two heating units are involved in the process. There is a limited requirement for replacements and repairs with a hybrid heating system.


All these are efficient heating systems that can be used to heat and cool your homes as needed. Radiant heating and baseboard heaters are other types of heating units that work perfectly. You can decide on the heating system you want for your home. However, if you still feel confused or have questions about the best heating unit for your home size, you can ask an HVAC technician near you for assistance.