Types of Bots on the Internet You Need to Know

Internet is as independent as it is controlled and no not matrix kind a control but controlled in terms of the applications that perform the tasks online which human cannot do or there will be too much effort will be required and this is where the bots are used. If you don’t know these are the automated apps that can perform tasks that they are programmed for. They don’t do anything else except their programmed tasks.

If you have used a 2captcha bot or related application then you already have used a type of helping bot. The bots are designed in a way that they can replicate the human acts and they can do it much better speed and they are mostly designed to perform repetitive tasks. There are several types of bots that run around the internet.

Scraper Bots

Internet is filled with information and it can only be collected with the scraper bots. They collect data that can be saved offline and then can be reused. The scraping is usually known as collecting data and the information can be user names, pricing, and products from the eCommerce sites. However, data scraping isn’t completely legal and if the website owners allow scrapping on their website then it can be done conveniently. There have been instances where the scraper bots collected sensitive customer and business information as well and this is why it is known as the malicious bot.

Spider Bots

This bot belongs to the internet. This is a bot that reads the information on the WebPages around the internet collects them and indexes the content. The indexing will result in search data that they retrieved from web pages. They are also known as web crawlers and don’t worry they cannot have access to the website without the owner’s permission or consent. Also, they can only visit the pages they are provided access to which is usually provided via the file called robot.txt. With the text file, they have information about the pages they are supposed to visit.  These robots are used by the search engines such as Google or Bing. Usually, we found the results on search engines within no time are due to these bots.

2captcha Bot

This is another kind of helping bots. Captcha is one of the basics of internet security but with such security measures, it causes the problem to the users as well. The images that users have to solve are sometimes that isn’t easy for them and they have become more and more difficult as well. The 2 captcha is there to provide the user the assistance in solving the Captcha that the user cannot solve.

This is an example of a helping bot that is widely used around the internet by a huge number of users. Usually, it is used by the real users in the form of 2captcha API or alike and because spammers are more likely to be using free services then the probability of misusing such bots is less likely. A user can simply use a 2captcha login and get the Captcha solved with a fraction of the price.

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