Types Of Sofa: That are used in Home

 A sofa is the first thing that a person notices when they enter the room. Sofas are the only comfort place everyone uses, be it a family member or a guest. The sofa can be called a key feature of our home. After every long day sofas are your comfort place, the non-bailing partner of your Sunday afternoon. There are many different types of Sofa sets available, it is all upon us what kind of sofa you want for your home, as every home has a different structure, style, and preferences. The sofas you choose depend upon your home, space, your budget, and requirement of your home. Choosing your sofas according to your interior and furniture is important to express what you want to show the people is depicted by your interior. Your home interior shows your personality. 

You might think it is a real task to choose a perfect sofa for you, but with the right guidelines, you’ll find it a piece of cake. With the right idea of your home needs, you can easily choose the perfect sofa fit for you. 

Every single human on this planet has different opinions, expectations, and preferences. We all want something different and unique for ourselves, and home is the place that we always dream of. Having a dream home that has everything exactly that we want in it. Our home shows our personality.  Below are a few popular types of sofa sets that can be the ideal fit for your home. 

  1. Wooden sofas

These are the most traditional kind of furniture Indian households have, these saps have frames and bodies made up of wood. The seats can be of any kind you want for yourself, from the most comfiest to a little stiff you can get it according to your preference.

  1. Sofa bed 

Sofa beds in basic Indian terms are also known as “divans”. These sofas are not necessary to be opened from beneath, these can be used as velvet sofa fabric and beds with their multifunction features. These are an ideal set for small houses as they can be used as sofas during day and bed during nights. 

  1. Lounger sofa

Lounger sofas are mostly preferred for relaxation and rest, this is a combination of lounge chair and sofa. This sofa set comes with a footrest and a comfortable armrest helping you to de-stress. The ideal set of these sofas can be seen in the most popular sitcom “Friends”. 

  1. Recliner sofa sets

What could be more comforting than a recliner at home? For a relaxing eve after a long day a recliner sofa brings heaven to your home. These are a great alternative to the traditional sofas, as with a click of one switch you dive right into the comforting pool. These sofas come in two types: manual Recliner sofas and Automated recliner sofas. Manual recliners have a lever at the backrest which you’ll be using to adjust height and position, backrest, and even the footrest and automatic comes with a switch plug it in and use it according to the manual. 

  1. L- type sofa

These sofas take less space as they are placed right in the corners of the living room in an L shape giving you enough space to add more things. They are ideal for both small and spacious rooms depending on how you place them and with what. The smaller living room can have one seat L whereas the spacious one can have as many seats they find good enough. 

  1. Armchair

If we are talking about sofas how can we forget the armchair?  Armchairs are complete in their incompleteness. You can use them in a corner of your room and create your own reading place, or place them near your balcony to enjoy the evening sunset. 

  1. Ottoman

Ottoman is basically a footrest sofa that can be placed near your sofa or bed, but if it is a bit higher than its standard size you can even make it sit , making it seem like a sofa without a recliner. They come in many different patterns and add spice to your basic living room with them. 

  1. Loveseat

When you have a small space and need something quirky and trendy, loveseat sofas are just right for you. The designs of such sofas are always in minimalist form and are ideal for small spaces in elegance. It is generally a 2-seater or 3-seater and is smaller than a standard sofa.

  1. Tuxedo sofa

These sofas have a backrest level equal to the armrest with a basic minimalist design on them. Tuxedo sofas come in many different fabrics but if taken as a suggestion , leatherṣ suits the most on such sofas as they look bold and give a statement furniture to your room.  

You won’t find these sofas in every Indian house as they go well with modern interiors the most, but if you want something different and unique in your house these are the best choice you can make. 

  1. Camelback Sofa

Indian houses with luxury interiors have these sofas are common in houses with royal interiors and statement furniture. You can even use this kind of sofa set as a side seater if you have a large living room or even your bedroom. There are many different styles and patterns available in these kinds of sofas, you can easily pick a perfect color and style according to your preference. 


Sofas come in many different varieties and patterns and that should be chosen according to your home and need. You can’t have a recliner sofa when you don’t have much space or even a sofa bed when you are living in a small apartment nor you can have a love seat in a huge living room. Every type looks different in different fabrics, Ottoman sofas in velvet look amazing whereas tuxedo sofas look amazing in leather. With Above mentioned types you can easily choose the best one for you.