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Types of Tractors in India – Role in Farming

The company is nowadays getting advanced and providing more technical tractors to its customers. In olden times, farmers used one tractor for all their needs. There are currently many types of tractors available in the market’s farmers can select according to their needs. In today’s time, numbers of activities performed in agriculture, and there are many other types of works. All those activities required different kinds of tractors.

What is a Tractor?

A tractor is agriculture machinery used to pull farm implements and provide the machinery’s specific energy to work. Tractors made with two things, i.e., motor and traction. It used to pull heavy machines at low speed and perform agriculture tasks.

Following we are showing some types of a tractor used in Agriculture. Let’s have a look.

Utility Tractor

Farmers, who don’t want to invest in different implements for executing different agriculture activities Utility tractors are best for them. And this tractor is designed for the general purposes that include ploughing and others. Utility tractors can perform the multi-function so you can say it as an all-rounder tractor. This tractor comes in the 45 hp to 140 hp category. 

Row Crop Tractor

Its name itself describes the use of a row crop tractor. Yes, it is manufactured to use where plants crop in a row on the farms. It is a multi-tasker machine, and it can fulfil all agricultural demands including leveling, ploughing, harrowing, harvesting, pulling seed drills and many more.

These tractors come with various benefits, and some are best row spacing, easy and quick actions, superb ground clearance, simple steering moves and many more. These tractors are quite expensive in comparison to utility tractors. But these tractors are best and the investment for the long term.

Orchard Tractor

These tractors are used for orchard farming, and you can also call it as farm tractors. These tractors are specially manufactured for vineyards, fruit orchards and nut orchards. Orchard tractors are designed so perfectly that the driver can seat comfortable and pick high hanging fruits.

These tractors are best for farms and quite popular among Indian farmers. They are ready to invest these types of machinery.

Rotary Tiller

These are mainly used for small fields, and rotary tillers are walking type tractors. It is used where height levels are different, like hills. These tractors are the best and most affordable, almost every farmer can buy it. Nowadays, you can quickly get rotary tillers online.

Earth Moving Tractor

Earth Moving tractors are mostly used for constructional works, dams, quarries and more. These tractors are heavy weighted and robust. They come in 2 types that are tyre type and both track type category.

How is John Deere Tractor Best for Agriculture?

John Deere tractor comes in a different tractor range you can conveniently pick a tractor according to your work. These are powerful engines, heavy hydraulic capacity, large fuel tanks and many more. John Deere tractor price is reasonable for the farmers.

These are all about types of tractors. I hope you get the detailed information regarding different types of tractors in agriculture. For more details and other information like this, stay connected with us.


In the modern era, agriculture is not just limited to one or two activities and requires a number of tasks to be performed. Tractor manufacturers today are concentrating on providing technically advanced tractors to their customers. Several tractor models are available in the market to suit the various farmer requirements. This post contains information on how to define a tractor and the different kinds of tractors such as Utility tractors, Row-Crop tractors, Orchard tractors, Tiller tractors and Earth moving tractors. Finally, the post also provides a brief insight on what makes John Deere the best choice of tractors for use in agriculture.

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