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Authentic service with the authentic drivers: Uber clone

People prefer different taxi services to travel from one place. These services offer an opportunity to entrepreneurs to work on taxi services by developing an application.

If someone thinks of developing a scrap then the success chances also depend on fortune. It is quite easy and risk-free to launch a readymade solution from a reputed and trustable company.

There are different mobile app development solutions which claim to provide the best salient features in the app. These go on to hammer the heating competition of the market. 

All the drivers associated with the company are professionals who have to go through a set of tests. Some of the tests include criminal background tests and drug tests.

Importance of the Test

All these tests done by the driver ensures the safety of the passengers. Also worth mentioning, any driver involved in illegal activities get removed with immediate effect.

The drier panel is a vital platform playing an important role in the success of any taxi mobile app. 

uber clone

Mentioned below are some of the features of the driver app-


The drivers can easily register themselves on the app. This can be done entering details which include email address, contact number, social media profile.

Surge pricing

The drivers can easily find out the locations where surge pricing is active and go to that location. This will help them enjoy the benefits of that place with zero inconvenience and make good money.

Integration of social media

Drivers can save themselves from the hassle of creating a separate email address or making registration through their phone number. They just have to fill their information on social media and register on the app. 

Earning information

The drivers of the app can keep an eye on their earning part. They can gather every detail about their earning part and use they’re earning information for future use.

Drivers availability

Drivers can keep the app on active mode so that passengers can easily find and book the cab service. They can also hide their availability whenever they don’t want to work. 


Say, if drivers want to get information about customer’s location, fare, destination, etc. then they simply tap on this option and collect the essential information.

Cancel trip

In case the driver finds the trip inappropriate or face problems like wrong address, inability to contact rider, etc. they can simply tap and cancel the trip.

This will ensure convenience for the driver at large.

Document verification

Before working for the company, the drivers have to upload their documents and get verified.

The verification process is done by admin checking authenticity of all submitted documents.

So, concluding, if you have an idea that will bring enormous profits, the Uber clone app is your gateway.  

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