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Upgrade your Existing Orbi with New “ Find my Orbi” Selector. Amazing Add-on from Netgear! (567)

Worried about your home wi-fi network? Don’t know exactly what brand of routers will suit your needs?

For this, first, you have to decide a few things like “how many people are going to use your network?”, Whether you require a Wi-Fi connection for your large staff or for residential needs? Exactly how many orbi satellites you needed for covering the whole area of your house including the swimming pool and the basement?

You know what today I am going to reveal something really awesome that will vanish all your above queries in a minute! Netgear recently added a new feature known ad “Find my Orbi” that will help the users to define the most ideal router for their house and for the businesses. It will ask you a few questions such as;

  • Size of offices or house.
  • Number of people who will use that router.
  • What activities you will daily browse with your WiFi?
  • Is there any room where your current wireless doesn’t reach? Any dead zone areas?
  • What kind of internet device are you using? Is it a modem or a router?
  • You are using the router on a rental basis provided by the Internet Service Providers?

Answering these questions will help the “find my orbi” selector to match the best orbi router for you! And after getting the suggestion if you need to upgrade your network for better wifi outreach everywhere, try for setting up a new one.

Some other Add-on from Netgear for improving the WiFi needs.

RBS50 Orbi Router Satellite-  This is other new add on of the orbi collections.With ultra performance,this RBS50 tends to work only with the Mesh wifi system. It extend the wide area of 2000 square ft if attached to your existing orbi network. As you know Orbi is known for eliminating the dead spots, so obviously this Orbi satellite RBS50 will perform the same, means improve the buffering time, reach to the corner place and add seamless coverage.

Yeah I know now you are excited to make Orbi a part of your life right? It’s very easy and simple! From the Amazon online site you can buy them and then install it at the default web page setup. Moving further to the next add-on;

Orbi Voice Add on RBS40V-  We can say that Orbi has replaced the alexa devices completely. RBS40V is a great invention from Netgear where it will not only enjoy the high streaming internet but also enjoy the smart speaker. Not understood? Let me explain in brief! Netgear has designed this Orbi satellite with some Amazon Alexa in-built features. You can use your Orbi for controlling the lights of your home, for playing the music and also know the current weather. No need to spend money on seperate alexa devices…

And the voice of this Orbi speaker is exceptionally amazing. More WiFi coverage for more spaces.

Till now there is no one who is standing with Orbi for giving such blissful internet bandwidth. It is the first ever developed Mesh Wi-Fi system till now that is excellent in providing the wireless connection, blessing the parents with the Parental control features and now this a Orbi Voice.

If you encounter any issues during the setup please go to the experts for the help! Also, you can share other latest updates and features of Orbi router that I have missed in the blog.

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