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A pleasant visit to Sidhbali Temple Kotdwara

I was in my hometown in Meerut for a mini vacation. So my family and I decided to visit the well-known Sidhbali Temple of Lord Hanuman at Kotdwara. This temple is on a tiny hillside along the banks of the Khoh River in the Garhwal mountains. Currently, a beautiful Hanuman idol that sparkles is on display. The temple offers panoramic views of the surroundings as well. Well, we were so excited to get here that we planned to leave at 8 a.m. My wife and children accompanied me in my personal vehicle. It took us around 3 hours and 40 minutes to reach the destination. This temple, which is painted in Lord Hanuman’s favorite bright orange hue, is connected to the major Pauri-Kotdwar road by a broad bridge. Further, to get to the temple’s grounds, we had to climb a few stairs.

How To Reach Sidhbali Temple

Although we took the roadway to reach this temple, however, for your guidance, I will brief you on other ways to reach here. Firstly, you have to reach Kotdwar station via train if you are coming from another city. Next, two kilometers away from Kotdwara, Sidhbali Temple is easily accessible by road. From Kotdwara, one may go here by taxi or by shared auto. The closest connections are the Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun (95 km) and the railway station in Kotdwara (2 km).

The ideal time to visit:

The greatest time to visit Sidhbali Temple is from October to April, though you may travel there at any time of the year. The temperature around here is chilly in the winter. However, it drops drastically in the winter due to the cold. Additionally, it might be a little challenging to move away from here during the rainy season due to the strong rains. Whereas, every year in December, the temple hosts the lavish Shri Sidhbali Mela. Tourists and devotees swarm there in great numbers at this time to worship.

About my trip:

Coming back to my trip, after reaching the temple, we went inside and did puja. Here, the focal point of the Shree Sidhbali Temple is a stunning Lord Hanuman idol perched high on a rock and surrounded by an amazing view of the Garhwal Himalayas. Two natural Pindi (holy stones, one associated with Lord Hanuman and the other with Guru Gorakhnath Ji) can be seen inside the Sidhbali temple. After worshiping the Lord, we took Prashad and then noticed some people donating food to the needy. Here, when a wish is granted, people donate food to the hungry (even devotees) as part of the Bhandara (free food) tradition at the Sidhbali Temple. We were grateful and overjoyed to visit this temple, and we were pleased with how well everything went.

It was 3 p.m., and we still had time to go sightseeing somewhere close. So we decided to go on a journey to Lansdowne. Lansdowne is the place for you if you don’t mind venturing outside Kotdwar’s borders and environs. I drove my car and it took us another hour to reach this mesmerizing place. There are lovely lakes, hills, hiking paths, and camping areas in this cantonment town, which is around 39 kilometers from Kotdwar. Here, we took a boat ride down the river to enjoy the evening. My kids were so excited about the trip that they began to photoshoot everything. Furthermore, there were several stalls nearby where we could get fast food. All in all, it was an enjoyable journey. Later on, we contacted a resident there to recommend us a decent hotel for a night’s staycation. In the evening, we booked the nearby budget hotel, had dinner, chit-chat with each other, and then went to sleep.

The Next Day:

We knew we had to explore everything this town had to offer, so we got up at 7 a.m., got ready, and ate breakfast. After which we decided to head straight to check out more options that the nearby area has to offer. We thought why not start our day trip visiting The Durga Devi temple? This is one of the most significant Siddh Peeths in Kotdwar and is also a significant center of worship. The distance on the road leading to Dugadda is 12 kilometers. Visitors to this temple, (devoted to the Goddess Durga),  ask for her blessings. We tied a crimson chunri to the temple railings just like other followers.

Next, we decided to make the day more divine by going to the St. Joseph Cathedral. It is one of Kotdwar’s attractions and is the second-largest cathedral in Asia. We got to know that it is at a height of 1500 feet when we visited here. It has architectural value in addition to its theological significance. Many tourists visit here to take in its beauty, and they are not all Christians. The entire church compound is tranquil and lush. While contemplating the church’s architectural details, one can unwind in this peaceful setting.

Other destinations that we checked out while on our trip:

  • Charek Danda

The renowned guru Maharishi Charak’s holy residence was Charkanya Shikar, also known as Charek Danda in the region. The famous Maharishi Charak assembled the Granth, or “Nighut,” a book that bears his name, in this location. Because medicinal plants originated in the Himalayas, the information in this book was priceless. The fact that this location is where Ayurvedic medicine originated is another unexpected truth. Lansdowne is 35 kilometers distant from this place. Here, we had the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Himalayan Peaks and other sights.

  • Pauri

The other lovely spot to cover was none other than Pauri Hill station. It is one of the enticing locations close to Lansdowne, and it is beautifully studded amid the panoramas of the Garhwal Himalayas. This attractive hill resort seems like a silver tiara amid the broad expanse of blue skies due to the lovely trees and snow-covered slopes. Check out the Bandarpunch Peak, Jogin Group, Kedarnath Peak, Nandadevi Peak, Trishul, and many more Himalayan peaks from this hill station in breathtaking detail. To get here, we had to travel for three hours and forty minutes.

Bottom Lines:

We really enjoyed visiting Kotdwara since it was a perfect place to spend time with family and children. Along with kids, I was able to check out so many nearby places, eat delicious food, and spend these 3 days in joy. Lastly, I would like to say that I would love to visit this holy place once again with my entire family. People from around the world book flights and visit this holy destination.