7 Ways to Prevent Earthquake Damages

Earthquake is one of the most crucial natural disasters. It can be the cause of huge destruction. We don’t know when the next earthquake is coming. So, we need to be prepared for everything. If your house is not made with an earthquake retrofit concrete block foundation, you can implement some useful ways to prevent damages. 

In the following, we are sharing the seven best ways to prevent earthquake damages. Make sure you are reading carefully. Let’s find out.

Best Ways to Prevent Earthquake Damages

As noted above, you have to be careful about earthquake damages. No matter if you have an old house or you are planning for buying a new house, these methods can be very helpful.  

1. Retrofit The Soft Story

If a room in your house situated above the garage, it can have a soft story condition. The door of the garage can make the room’s wall vulnerable. So, it can’t handle the seismic load. As required, you can strengthen the wall with steel straps, anchors, and plywood panels. 

2. Replace Unreinforced Foundations

If you have an old house, it might made of stone and brick. This type of foundation is not good to protect your house from seismic damages. To resolve this problem, you need to choose an earthquake retrofit concrete block foundation. Choosing rebar or concrete foundations are better in this case. 

3. Choose an Earthquake-Resistant Design

Well, if you want to build a new house, you have to choose a seismic-resistant design. There are some crucial factors such as overhangs, irregular wall shapes, and large openings can be the cause of a house’s seismic weakness. So, make sure you are hiring a reputed engineer to design your house. 

4. Anchor Your House to Its Foundation

If a house is not anchored to its concrete foundation, it would be hard for the house to handle the seismic damage. So, you need to check everything including start fires and gas lines. You can hire a structural engineer to anchor your house.

5. Reinforce Chimneys 

In most cases, masonry chimneys and walls are the victims of earthquake damages. You see, mortar is not good enough for seismic disasters. If you are building a new house, you can use alternatives. On the other hand, you need to hire a professional team for the retrofitting service. 

6. Check Cripple Wall 

If your house has a cripple wall, you need to ensure everything is okay there. Most railroad tie retaining walls work as the support system of a house. So, if the cripple wall is not unbraced, the structure could collapse if an earthquake happens. You can hire a structural engineer to brace the cripple wall. 

7. Brace Water Heater

Just like the cripple wall, you have to brace the water heater as well. Your home’s water heater can make serious damage and it can be the reason for a flood or fire. This is you need to brace your water heater. You can use an architect-certified kit to brace the water heater. 


Finally, you know the best ways to prevent earthquake damages. If you want to repair railroad tie retaining walls, you need to do it as soon as possible. Make sure you are contacting the best construction team that provides high-quality seismic retrofitting services. You can also start your research as well. 

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