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Website Hosting Services In Vancouver

If you’ve ever thought about starting your own website or online store, you’ve probably heard the term “web hosting”. Web hosting is one of the most important things you can get when you first step into the digital world. With the right web hosting provider, you have access to the hosting company’s dedicated server space where you will store your website and all of its information. Without web hosting, you would not be able to run your business on the Internet. The hosting company is responsible for creating all the files and code that make your site visible in the digital world. Unfortunately, many people still don’t fully understand what web hosting is. If you are looking to bring your online venture to life, and want the best website hosting Vancouver then you’ve come to the right place. 

How does web hosting work?

While there are different types of web hosting available, they often work the same way. Web hosting is what happens when the files that make up your site are hosted on a web server.

The resources your web server offers, such as hard disk space, RAM, and bandwidth, keep your site running smoothly. When you build your website using a website builder, control panel, or just basic HTML, it won’t become active on the web until you choose your web hosting provider and purchase the required server space. Even when you’re using a “free” website builder like WordPress, you need hosting to get online.

After you purchase a domain name for your business website, the files that contain your website content will need to be stored along with that domain name in a location that connects to the Internet. Your website host is responsible for delivering files on your small or corporate site to users who want to access them.

When someone enters your website address into their browser, their computer connects over the Internet to a server that stores your website’s files. This server detects the IP address of your domain and directs the user to the site they want to visit. Their browser then displays all the information about your website, so they can view your content however they like.

Remember, most hosting companies will require you to have your own domain before you can host a website. You can get a free domain with some website building apps, or purchase a domain name from a specialized company before looking for website hosting.

Modern and high-quality services

Website hosting Vancouver offers reliable and affordable hosting for websites of any complexity. Innovative solutions, professionalism and our many years of experience in the field of IT services allow us to offer each client effective, modern and reliable web hosting solutions. Your information will be securely stored on our powerful servers equipped with pre-installed software necessary for the correct and efficient operation of your website.

We offer various web hosting packages that differ in technical specifications, number of additional features and cost. Each of our hosting packages comes with live support, upgradeable for more memory, bandwidth and IP addresses, and compatibility with the latest open-source software solutions. Whether for developers building custom applications or aspiring webmasters launching sites on existing platforms, the quality of our hosting products ensures you experience a high level of uptime and reliability.

Professional website hosting

If you are a business owner and want to establish an internet presence, or want to start your own personal blog, you will need a web hosting service. Some business owners maintain their own web server, but maintaining a web server can be very expensive and time-consuming. Website hosting Vancouver has been a leader in the professional web hosting market since 2005.

Our high-performance servers and tools make fast response times possible. The same servers and facilities are backed up with multi-layered power protection, so power is never interrupted, keeping your site running smoothly. Quality hosting extends to our wide variety of features, including pre-installed programming languages such as PHP5 and Ruby On Rails and security features such as SSH.

We also pride ourselves on our high-quality customer service and will be happy to help with any problem, big or small.

Full range of hosting products

Quality hosting is our promise to you. When you contact us to find a solution, we will work with you until we find a suitable solution to the problem. Our ability to understand technical issues and draw on our extensive resources ensures the quality of all your hardware, support and server configuration. As we actively keep our finger on the pulse of the latest development trends, you can expect constant monitoring, fast security updates and updates to support new software versions. We are your business partner.

Since every developer and business is unique, our quality hosting plans range from reliable entry-level shared hosting to advanced dedicated servers that all run on the latest Intel hardware and quality assurances. With affordable website hosting plans, from domain name registration to VPS web hosting and dedicated hosting options, you will find your trustworthy place and never want to look for another web hosting company. We know what professionals need, so we have tailor-made products for any website hosting need.

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