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There are several important reasons to use website translation services to translate your site into other languages ​​as a method of marketing. Studies have shown that web users act earlier and stay on a site much longer if it is in their native language, so translating sites is the key to success.

It is known that the proportion of multilingual users varies from country to country and that the majority of internet users generally speak a language other than English, making the translation of important website language into your business.

a) More than 900 million people, approx. 67% of the online population speak their own native language and more than 200 million surf the Internet in their own language, so translating the site’s language is a valuable resource for these users. .

b) Research has shown that web content was mostly English for at least 68% eight years ago and that the number has now dropped dramatically to approx. 30%, which means that the language translation of the site is becoming more and more competitive.

c) It is estimated that since 2005, 50% of all online transactions have been conducted in languages ​​other than English, making website translation an important tool for business efficiency.

d) While the overall increase in the number of multilingual web users is increasing significantly, the competition this creates on the market means that translation agency London is essential.

e) The rapid increase in the number of Internet users who do not understand English or a language other than their own language constitutes problems that can be solved through web translations.

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Three steps to finding an excellent language translator

Language translation is fast becoming an integral part of many businesses, even the smallest ones. I realized this when I realized a few years ago that my business had reached a saturation point in the country. I wanted it to continue to grow, but it meant I had to market my product overseas. It was not as easy as it seemed because my products had greater potential for success in some non-English speaking countries.

This made me find a suitable language translator. I have left no virgin stones, and for your well-being, I present my experiences below:

– I probably started looking for translation services in my area and in my city. It took a long time to search the yellow pages and other sources and then go painfully towards offices. In addition, the costs were quite high, especially since a large number of documents had to be translated. During my research, I met someone who recommended machine translation.

– Automatic translations or software translations, as their name suggests, are performed with pre-programmed devices, they can also be performed online. I got sample translations in some software. I have translated a number of documents into Chinese and Arabic. After completing the translations, I consulted a linguist who was appalled that the translated documents lost or distorted a lot of important information simply because they could not replace any English word with a Chinese or Arabic equivalent. This means that the unique requirements of each language have been lost! If I had not heard a language expert, I would have lost my business before opening a store in the selected countries.

– All this bought me on the Internet. I already knew some language translation sites when searching for machine translation online. To my delight, I found out what I was looking for and more. Because there are many good online translation agencies. They also offer you a wide range of services. You can choose from many suitable offers. Since online translation agencies are not subject to geographical restrictions, you can also get translators from the country where the target language is spoken. These translators also charge less, but provide high quality work. You can also find immigrant translators in your country; We can count on them for good work and low costs. You can work directly with individual translators and with agencies that hire translators. Offices are a safe place to start because you can see your past data and get the job done quickly in addition to the high quality as more people can work on the same project.

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