What are the advantages of MBBS in the Philippines?

The MBBS aspirants are very hardworking and study so much to make it to a premier college. As a parent, you must try to get the best for them. One of the best options can be sending them abroad for studies. MBBS in East European University and such colleges can be a crucial step towards a great career. If there is any confusion in your mind you can talk to the consultancy firms and know more about it. They can tell you an estimated cost as well as all the facilities that will be offered. And if you like to send your child abroad, they shall help you for the same.

How can you go abroad for MBBS?

When a student wants to pursue MBBS they have to study science in school in class 12. If you can afford your child’s education in a private college then you must try abroad as well. The requirements are simple. For MBBS in the Philippines, the student must have passed class 12 with 50% marks and also passed NEET. The age of the student must be more than 17. They can apply for admission to MBBS in East European University. 

A valid passport and birth certificate is a must. You can contact a consultancy service for the same. They shall share details of all the other documents that you may need. These universities are recognised by the WHO as well. So studying at such an institute is added advantage. This helps them get placed in world-class hospitals as well.

How to choose a good college?

Keep these aspects in mind when you make the important decision:

  • The college is going to be a part of your life with its name on your degree. There must be a name that you can proudly show to others.
  • The college must have technologically advanced labs and pieces of equipment.
  • Well qualified and experienced faculty is a must so that they can share their knowledge.
  • The hostel facilities and food should be good so that your health remains well.
  • The curriculum must be at par with the whole world and accepted everywhere.
  • Affordable fee so that you do not get over-burdened.
  • Security issues must not be there.
  • Alumina is placed in the best hospitals and institutes.
  • Various options for a master or post-doctorate course in different specializations.
  • A world-class hospital is attached for practice during an internship.

What are the benefits of studying abroad in the philippines?

  • Easy admission process.
  •  No donation charges or entrance test.
  • The tuition fee is affordable.
  • An exclusive and comprehensive syllabus that is accepted all over the world.
  • The medium of instruction is English so no problem with coping with studies.
  • Bets quality education is available.
  • The cost of living is pocket friendly.
  • All sorts of food are available so that you do not feel homesick.

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