What are Pre-Wedding Functions That Should Not Forget to Arrange

Aside from the celebration and reception, there are many additional opportunities to bring family members and loved ones together for the celebration. Sometimes, they start on the day you are promised. Although it is a western and new concept, a wedding shower is one of the most anticipated events, full of fun and excitement for the bride and her friends before her wedding.

Even a bachelorette party comes after that! It is an event where the bride has a wonderful time with her close friends and is entertained. So, to make this even more memorable, here are some fun games you can add to your party games list.

Some Pre-Wedding Functions

Here are;

●     Bridal Shower:

A wedding shower is not always required, but brides will be more responsible for organising and hosting the event if their bride chooses it. This bridal party will need to decide on a budget, guest list, theme, and much more. Unfortunately, this is one of the most important travel tips.

A wedding shower will be the first ‘hand-to-hand ceremony’ for the bridesmaids, so it is important to have an open mind, communicate regularly, and find a respectful maid whenever possible. The bridal shower should be based on interest or theme she would appreciate and don’t forget to buy the gift of a wedding shower.

●     Lingerie Bridal Shower:

Now, this is fun and in which the guest gives the bride completely new naughty gifts for her wedding moments. Bride or bridesmaid host them with naugthy games, and fun. Most girls opt for hosting a lingerie bridal shower today apart from traditional bridal shower. As it is only for the bride with her friends. See how to host a lingerie bridal shower.

Bachelorette Party:

As with any other event, a bachelorette party requires a lot of planning. It is up to you bridesmaids to arrange this bachelorette party, at its core, to be a celebration of the bride who leaves her days alone in the past. It is important to include the bride in certain decisions leading up to the planning, especially regarding the chosen body.

A bachelorette party can be a travel event, in which case, you will want to make sure you plan and book your hotel and accommodation ahead of time. Gifts are not required. the bride or other close friend can follow this checklist:

  • Choose a place or job.
  • Create a guest list.
  • Choose a date.
  • Discuss the budget with other members of the bridal party.
  • Send invitations.
  • Make reservations if needed.


●     Welcome Party:

The reception party is a new custom that introduces the informal arrangement for the bride and groom to receive their guests at every upcoming wedding ceremony, a day or two before their wedding. If you are going to a wedding, all guests should be invited to the party, and if the wedding is local, the couple may choose to invite only those not from the city. As a bridesmaid, you are free to host, organize, or pay for the event. Just make sure you appear when you are invited.

●     Engagement Party:

A wedding party is just that: a wedding anniversary celebration. Although it usually occurs a few months after the proposal, it is also possible on the night of the 17th. These participatory “amazing” organizations, sometimes regarded as separate events, are usually organized by a couple who ask a question and are illegal.

Close family members and close friends may leave to attend a small celebration. Still, it is usually attended by friends or relatives who live near the site where the proposal took place or who help them put together a proposal. A wedding party can follow many types of entertainment formats and include various games and activities. Although gifts are not technically required.

●     Sangeet:

The sangeet is a significant sort of festival, in which you see family members singing, dancing, and otherwise enjoying future weddings. It’s like a welcoming dinner, but with so many different types of food and decorations and music — there’s a DJ or a band.

Now, what we usually see is the family of the bride and groom getting together and carrying a sangeet the day before the wedding. That way, everyone from outside the city can attend.

●     Bridal Luncheon:

Also known as the bride’s lunch, the bride’s lunch usually takes place a few days before or the day before the wedding. It is a chance for the bride to express her gratitude and meet the members of her wedding ceremony and anyone from her wedding side who will be part of the event.

The afternoon party is usually hosted by someone close to the bride, such as the bride’s mother or a favourite aunt or family friend, but can also be hosted by a member of the bride’s party or the bride herself.


Pre-wedding events are part of the joy of getting married. They provide an opportunity to meet close friends and family members to share your happiness, remind you and plan for the future. Pre-wedding parties include everything from a wedding party to a rehearsal dinner. Even if you are not present at these compulsory ceremonies, it can be a great way to enjoy the wedding customs.

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