Find the best SEO company for your business

Are you looking for an SEO company to boost your business? What good is a fancy website, when no one can find it? Writing 10 blog posts a week and no one reading them is no fun. You want your business website to end up as high in Google search results as possible. Whether you like it, this is where people start their search.

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

One important thing to know in your search for a good SEO company is to know what SEO is. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and self-explanatory: it optimizes your website for search engines.

When you search for something on Google, how often do you reach the bottom of the page? And are you really going to click on page 2 or just try a different search instead? The top 3 results from Google capture 90% of all search traffic. Websites ranked in the top 10 (page 2 or lower) lose huge amounts of traffic. These search results pages are often called SERPs. (Search engine results pages). An important term to remember when you dive deeper into SEO optimization.

This is where SEO comes in. It optimizes your website for those search engines, pushing your website up those rankings. The most classic version is your website title and a short intro that will appear. But in the modern times we live in, there are many new tools to get your website to rank among the top results. Have you ever heard of position zero in Google?

Position Zero allows your website to rank above the top search results, ad-free!! There are different types of layouts for these things, but the most popular are cards (see image below) or question lists. (see also bottom of next image). These grab the attention of visitors and will give your website a higher chance of receiving organic traffic.

Zero ranking position in Google

Now that you know the basics of SEO and what it can do for your business, you are ready to start your search for the best SEO company. Let’s dive!

How can an SEO company help you?

As a business, you are almost never the sole supplier of a particular service or product. Even if you have the best product on the market. If you’re not on Google, you don’t exist. SEO companies can help you with that!

We are SEO agency that provides more than just SEO strategies or content updates. But that is not the subject of this article, you can find more information about it on our SEO service page.

This article will give you more general information on how you can find the best SEO company that suits your needs. It may be us, but the most important thing is that this article will give you more information about how SEO really works and where your website’s pain points are.

Deciding to invest in SEO marketing is a big decision that will potentially improve your website and save you time, but it can also hurt your site and your reputation. Be sure to research the potential benefits as well as the damage that irresponsible SEO can do to your site.

Writing and keyword research are the loudest players for an SEO business. But a great SEO company will provide much more than that! We can offer useful services like:

  • Review the content and structure of your site
  • Technical advice on website development (we are also a web development company)
  • like hosting, security, performance, page speed, redirects, error pages, hreflangs,…
  • Content creation, translations and revisions
  • Manage online business development campaigns
  • Keyword research (obviously)
  • SEO training to make sure you understand the statistics

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