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What is BiggerPockets and why should you become a paid member

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BiggerPockets is one of the best resources on the Internet available for just about anyone who is looking for ways to succeed in the real estate market. It is a full and complete resource and triumphs most other resources in terms of content and tools. On top of that, BiggerPockets has a community of nearly a quarter of a million members.

By joining BiggerPockets, investors can learn some of the valuable tips central to succeeding in the real estate market and then they can also find partners, locate lucrative deals and making some of their best investing decisions possible. BiggerPockets is an excellent platform which brings real estate experts, beginners and everyone else, under the same roof so that all parties involved are able to gain the knowledge that they need to realize their full and true potential.

What is the goal of BiggerPockets?

BiggerPockets is actually driven by the goal to help common people make money by investing in the real estate market. They have a larger goal of helping around a million of their members make around a million dollars of wealth by investing in the real estate market.

How to join BiggerPockets?

For joining BiggerPockets you will have to pay the membership fee that be around $39 per month for the pro version and $390 if you want pro membership for an entire year. In both of these membership plans, you will get access to the community forums and blogs and you will also be able to use the property analysis calculators on the website.

Further, you will get some really valuable market rental data and other insights in both of the plans. Most people go for the annual membership plans, but under that plan for $390 a year, one gets to be a part of virtual events and also have access to free lease agreement documents.

Does it make sense to take membership of BiggerPockets?

Many people believe that it makes a lot of sense to become a paid money to become a member of BiggerPockets. For most investors it is because of the rental property analysis feature because most members find running numbers on properties manually, to be quite tough. Over the years, the number of paid memberships at BiggerPockets has soared exponentially and it is mainly because BiggerPockets has an excellent system in place which members find very easy to use. The system is believed to be extremely effective as it presents all the numbers as well products in a format that is very easy to understand.

Other investors become members and avail the PRO feature because doing so makes it very easy for them to connect with the other investors in their area. Overall, getting the PRO membership is highly recommended especially for beginners who are just starting out in this business and wish to analyze plenty of properties in a very short period of time.

What are the perks of getting the pro membership at BiggerPockets?

The tools are just one of the many perks of becoming a pro member of BiggerPockets. It has been seen that during the local meetings, the professional of BiggerPockets seem to hang out together and they recognize each other through the posts, activity and extra status.

At the end of the day, it pays to become a pro, because pros like to do business with other pros. It is very simple at the end of the day. It pays to become a pro member at BiggerPockets because by doing so, not only will you get the great tools but at the end of the day you will also get the ‘status recognition’ and this will make the other professionals take you very seriously and further they will be encouraged to do business with you.

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