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5 Stunning Ways to Make Your Eyes Super Attractive

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5 Stunning Ways to Make Your Eyes Super Attractive

Let me guess… What brought you here? Isn’t it the quest you are on to find out how you can make your eyes more beautiful? Hey.. don’t turn around you are very close to getting the perfect & stunning ways to make your eye super attractive. Yeah! Don’t make me head over heels once you get the bewitching eyes that look absolutely gorgeous on you.

Since you are discovering the ways of getting big and beautiful eyes, I just want to know what’s your definition of beautiful eyes? Is it getting attractive eyes with makeup or naturally? Ohh..yeah! Both… I know, you know, getting beautiful & attractive eyes will only look gorgeous when your eyes will be free from red veins in your eyes white area under eye bags, and dark circles. Correct! 

So, firstly we need to make our eyes naturally beautiful by using home remedies and then embellish your eyes with glamorous eyeshadow palettes that make your eyes look stunning. So, it’s time to Happy-Go-Lucky with amazing tips & tricks for getting beautiful eyes at home.

5 Stunning Ways to Make Your Eyes Super Attractive 

The secret of having prettier & gorgeous eyes lies in the beauty tips that are soon going to be yours and offers you endless admiration beyond your wildest dream. Gal! Before you learn the best tips for beautiful eyes you must learn how you can whiten your eyes naturally at home. Without it, Only a magic trick can get you the attractive eyes you want.

So, let’s get full steam ahead to learn the stunning ways to make your eyes super attractive.

  1. Place Green Tea Bags On Eyelids

Let your eyes have some downtime to get refreshed and sparkling again. In the digital age, we use our cranky smartphones in the name of having rest or downtime which makes us feel happy by inducing dopamine but is actually bad for the eyes if our work is to sit in front of the laptop screen the whole day.

Correct me if I’m wrong! Don’t you do that? well, even I did until I got to know the causes behind my strained eyes. Now! It’s time to have some relaxation with abundant antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and caffeine present in a green tea bag. Not sure how to use do? Hey you! I’m still here.

How to Do:

  1. Saturate 2 green tea bags in boiled water for 5 minutes.
  2. Put it into the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to get chilled.
  3. Now, lay down, close your eyes and put these eyebags on your eyelids, and get lost in vivid dreams for 15-10 minutes.
  4. Remove the green tea bags and wash your eyes with cold water.

Now, see the magic happen, your eyes will be more refreshed, awake and red veins in the eyes will disappear. You know, what else can you do to make your eyes more fascinating? Having arched eyebrows! It helps to lift up your features, give eyes more space to look gorgeous, and you can get it all done by using the best eyebrow enhancer at your comfy home.

2. Practice Eye Massage 

You seem to have forgotten the superpower of your fingertips and acupressure on your way to getting beautiful & attractive eyes. Thanks! To me to remind you of the miraculous tool you have given by nature that has the potential to remove your dark circles without spending a nickel of money.

Eye massage helps to increase the blood circulation in the eyes and propel lymph drainage that causes swollen and tired eyes as well as dark circles. So, get ready to give yourself the best dark circle treatment with the following steps.

How to Do:

  1. Press the skin around your eyes with your middle and index finger in a tapping motion. 
  2. Start over from the edge of your eyebrows and drag your index finger to your cheeks edge and nose bridge. So it 3-4 times with slight pressure.
  3. Now make circles around your eyes with your three fingers do it 5-6 times and after it does it in reverse.
  4. Doing it at least once a day helps to increase blood flow and fluid around your eyes.

3.Use Artificial Tears 

Spending long hours on digital divides without having proper sleep and eye breaks causes dry eyes that feel like something is itching in your eyes. I know! We all experience this at some time in our lives and individuals whose life and work revolve around digital devices are sick of it.

Dry eyes don’t seem like a big issue at the initial stage but if you don’t pay heed to it and get the right treatment it can lead to irritation, itchiness, and eye allergies. But, now you know you can treat dry eyes by using artificial tears and eye drops. It helps to soothe and lubricate your eyes to look refreshed and sparkling.

4. Under Eye Concealer 

Spoof your dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines around the eyes by sweeping them under the concealer and let your radiant under-eye skin flaunt with the craziest & trendiest eye makeup.

Using natural home remedies to cover dark circles are great but it takes time and if you have a party tonight to flaunt your gorgeousness use an under-eye concealer to hide dark circles and imperfection or if you want a sleek and more natural look use red lipstick as a color corrector before using the concealer. But make sure you blend both of them well and nicely for getting a natural look.

  1. False Eyelashes 

Want your eyes to be super attractive instantaneously. What else could be better than grabbing a pair of medium size false eyelashes and adorn your eyes with them?

False eyelashes come in different sizes, colors, and textures. It’s important to use the right one to look gorgeous. Besides, Applying eyelashes is not a kids’ play. You need to practice it beforehand. 

Note: If you want long & luscious eyelashes you can get them by applying castor oil on your eyelashes daily. It contains ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, and omega -6 fatty acids that nourish the eyelashes and help them grow longer.

In this article, I have shared some of the best ways to make your eyes super attractive. I hope you loved reading our article and will try these amazing tips to make your eyes attractive and beautiful.

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