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What is Milwaukee famous for?

Milwaukee is a wonderful weekend getaway option! It is approximately an hour and a half north of Chicago, Illinois.  It is also roughly an hour and twenty minutes journey east of Madison, Wisconsin’s state capital. Milwaukee, on the western shore of Lake Michigan, is ‘Brew City’ and ‘The City that Beer Built’ due to its many breweries. Looking for things to do in Milwaukee? Check out my top recommendations for this fantastic city. Let’s go! Lace-up your sneakers!

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1. Milwaukee Riverwalk 

The Milwaukee Riverwalk is more than three miles long.  The most popular section is along the Milwaukee River near downtown. A stroll along the Downtown Riverwalk should be at the top of your ‘must-do’ list. It’s one of the most enjoyable things to do in Milwaukee! Enjoy a dinner at one of the many eateries in the area.   Then, after supper, go along the promenade and take in the views of the river, art, and architecture.

2. Pere Marquette Park

Pere Marquette Park is a small urban park on the Milwaukee River’s left bank.   It is after Father Jacques Marquette, one of Wisconsin’s original French missionaries. On its west side, the park is Old World 3rd Street (which has since been in honour of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). It is also located between Kilbourn Avenue and State Street. Pere Marquette Park has a magnificent gazebo with an eye-catching green dome.  Summer concerts in the park are on Wednesday nights.  In the winter, look for the Holiday Lights Festival decorations.

3. Bronz Fonz

There are many intriguing sculptures dispersed around the Riverwalk, as well as art on the Riverwalks walls. This humorous sculpture of ducks rowing a boat appeals to me.  There’s even one to give the mallard rowing team directions. The Bronz Fonz monument is one of the most popular (and recognisable) works of art on the Riverwalk.  As you may remember, the popular TV show ‘Happy Days’ was set in Milwaukee.  Isn’t that the Fonz saying ‘any’? He didn’t want to, but I forced Chris to take his picture with the Fonz.  I was aback by how short the statue was.  Henry Winkler, who played The Fonz, is 5’6″ tall, while Chris is 5’10”.

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4. Gertie the Duck

A statue of Gertie the Duck may be on the Wisconsin Avenue bridge.  Gertie’s story attracted millions around the world during WWII.  In the midst of the brutal reality of war, she represented optimism. The bridge’s pilings required to be replaced. The construction was when Gertie’s nest and eggs were discovered.  Gertie and her ducklings were in several newspaper articles. It is that over 2,000,000 people visited Milwaukee to witness the ducks! Today, there is a statue of Gertie on the bridge, as well as other statues throughout the Riverwalk.  Here’s one of Gertie’s chicks, Dee Dee (such a pitiful little face!)

5. Historic Third Ward

It is on the National Register of Historic Places as well.  Every month, a ‘gallery night’ is to highlight the art scene. Catalano Square is a charming little pocket park filled with interesting sculptures.  It is at the southern end of Broadway, the main street’ of the Historic Third Ward.  Broadway is businesses and eateries. The median is with bricked mini-plazas with trees, art, and benches. My personal favourite was Engine Company No. 10, which includes a statue commemorating firefighters.

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