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Acrylic mirror or glass mirror? What will you choose?

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Acrylic mirror or glass mirror

Glass mirrors are used frequently to add aesthetic quality and wideness to a room. But, there was always a chance of an accidental injury if they broke. Traditional glass mirrors are now slowly replaced by Acrylic mirror sheets because of their shatter-resistant properties. These mirror panels are prepared out of lightweight, durable plastic.

What are acrylic mirrors?

Acrylic mirrors are reflective surfaces that look exactly like a mirror. They have a reflective surface that shines identical to an original glass mirror.

Why should we choose acrylic mirrors instead of traditional glass ones?

  1. The sheen, shine, and reflection of an acrylic mirror are the same quality as the glassy mirrors. 
  2. The only difference is that these thermoplastic, lightweight panels are created out of highly reflective material. These durable pieces are very light and used in plenty for decoration purposes. 
  3. The shiny glitzy mirrors can be conveniently placed on any wall or floor. So you can design your bathrooms, bedrooms, drawing rooms, gardens, porch, conference rooms, cameras, and other decorative areas to add glamour and glimmer to the indoors or outdoors. 
  4. Slowly, these plastic mirrors are becoming famous and have made an important place in automotive, security, marine, and cosmetic applications.  
  5. The acrylic mirror panels are available in different sizes and thicknesses. You can place them or fit them as the need demands.
  6. Moreover, they are even available in different hues to match the color combinations in your home, corporate houses, or exhibition areas. 
  7. These lightweight reflective mirrors are a good substitute for conventional glass mirrors. Exhibitors or retailers dealing with glass can now breathe a sigh of relief because the acrylic mirrors are to a certain extent “break-proof”.
  8. In fact, these mirrors are flexible and durable. They can be customized and cut to size to meet the need or for a decorative project, a home wall, or a creative activity.
  9. A typical glass mirror of a particular size and thickness can break if banged somewhere, but acrylic mirrors can bear a much more powerful impact. Maybe 17 times more than before. These mirrors are much lighter than the weight of the traditional mirror and are about ten times stronger and break-resistant compared to glass ones with the same thickness. The durability factor makes it the choice for many.
  10. Putting up glass mirrors needed a lot of finesse and expertise. But, fixing acrylic panels on the walls is not a scary and cumbersome task anymore. This is because they are less likely to shatter and crack. The fact that acrylic mirrors of any thickness, can be customized according to size makes them a favorite with many. Glass mirrors were unsafe because they could injure people if they were cracked or broken. But now, safe acrylic mirrors are here to replace them. 

A vacuum chamber is used to metalize and coat the mirrors to make them tough. This increases their strength and durability and maintains the shine needed. These lightweight mirrors are a great option when safety is the main issue. DIY projects are incomplete without flexible acrylic mirrors, and this makes them a popular alternative to glass. 

Composition of the acrylic mirrors:

As the name suggests, acrylic mirrors are prepared out of acrylic sheets which are put through an extrusion process.  This high-quality material is processed in an economical way by turning acrylic resin pellets into a molten mass. This hot molten mass is then put into dyes and shaped into sheets of different thicknesses.  These busy length and safe sheets are then customized according to size and need.  Besides, the tough process the acrylic mirrors have to go through, they cost much less than other mirrors.  Let us answer some common questions asked by people:

1)  Are Acrylic mirrors strong?

Yes, they are extremely strong. As mentioned before, an acrylic mirror is nearly 17 times sturdier than glass. Now, bangs, strong impacts, jerks, or collisions will not shatter it.  Many people have ended up breaking their glorious glass pieces during transit and handling.  Acrylic panels are capable of bearing a strong impact also.

2)  What happens if the Acrylic mirrors get scratched?

The Acrylic mirrors are mostly scratch-proof. These panels will not crack and shatter because they are very resilient.  Moreover, in case the acrylic gets scratched, a layer of acrylic polish can be applied and rubbed on it, to restore it back to its Glory.  The scratch will soon fill up and the mirror will look the same as new.  It’s an easy fix that can be done within no time and that too within your budget.

3)    Can these plastic mirrors be molded and fit to size or is glass a better option?

These panels provide customized fitting according to the needs of the client. It is very difficult to handle glass because of its flimsy and delicate texture.  You can understand this better with this example.

 In the case of an acrylic sheet, mount the mirror flat and tight on a surface.  The mirrors should not warp. So, stretch and fix it rigidly on a frame with strong adhesive or hold it in place by tightly screwing it on.  This is the best way to wall mount these plastic mirrors.  Furthermore, these panels can be easily cut according to the dimensions you want and then fixed into a framework.  In fact, these flexible mirrors can be bent or molded the way you want till they are fit and adjusted to please your eye.

4)    Why should we choose Acrylic mirrors?

These lightweight panels can be handled easily and are the ideal choice for schools, marriages, parties, stables, etc. They are mostly used because they are safe and easy to carry around.  It is a cumbersome task to shape the glass mirrors.  In the process of cutting them, ragged glass edges may be exposed, and this can lead to major injuries.  Acrylic mirrors can be cut easily at home also so you don’t have to rush to a professional every time.

5)    What is cheaper, acrylic or glass mirrors?

Glass mirrors tend to cost a lot more because they are very fragile.  Fitting them is not easy and they may not be an economical choice in the long run.  Any mishandling during the installation process will leave them broken or damaged.  Not only do they cause injuries but they are also very heavy to handle. Acrylic panels, on the other hand, are durable, easy to carry and more affordable.  They can be fit easily because of their lightweight, and are very economical.

6) Just like glass mirrors, Acrylic mirrors can be easily cleaned with detergent and soft cloth anytime.  You can get them back shiny and brand new within no time.  If you can customize the acrylic sheets into unique shapes with a bright shine, go for it.  You can also use acrylic polish to fill up any scratches left behind after the fixing process.

Many people are replacing traditional mirrors with this durable and affordable alternative.  Now you don’t have to fear that your Glass might crack easily, nor do you have to worry about its heavyweight.  The easy-to-clean Acrylic mirrors are a popular substitute and good value for money. 

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