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What to Know About Purchasing Women’s Skirts Online

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buying women’s skirts online

So you saw this stunning skirt on an online store but you’re wondering if all’s going to be lost if you don’t like it, or worse, it was a scam site! It’s normal to have concerns when you’re trying to shop for women’s skirts online.  We’ve put together this short but easy guide to help you make safe and reliable purchases online.

Here’s what you need to know about shopping for skirts online:

1.  Do Your Research

Reputable sites have an established brand presence online. Look for how long they’ve been in the industry, a professional-looking website, reviews online, and check with your peers to find out if the business is reliable.  Join dedicated city Facebook pages where you can ask for feedback from previous or current customers.

  • You Get What You Pay For!

It’s tempting to go for rock-bottom prices in a bid to slash your clothing budget. But remember, cheap doesn’t always mean quality. If the prices of the skirts look unusually cheap, there may be drawbacks. The colour may come off after the first wash or worse, the stitching may come undone after a few uses.

If you’re on the fence, look at the review section. If the skirt is cheap but has a lot of great reviews, it’s probably legit.

Also, remember that mass-produced skirts are generally affordable. But there’s a hitch. You may find a lot of people around you wearing similar styles. You won’t look unique, but you can always bring your own creative twist to the look.

Designerwear can be a lot more exclusive but higher-priced.

  • Speaking of Payment, Cash or Advanced Payment?

You may think cash-on-delivery (COD) is a great option because you only pay for the product when you get it. But if you’re planning to go down this route, always make sure it’s a product you’ve actually ordered online. Match your delivery against your list of orders before you pay for it.

Advanced payment in the form of credit/debit cards, netbanking, Google Pay, or PayTM can seem convenient. Only opt for this option if you’ve done research into the brand and are confident that it’s authentic.

  • Getting the Best Possible Fit

Most sites have a size chart and measurement guidelines. Take your current measurements using a measuring tape and compare against the size chart to order the right size.

Don’t assume that if you’re an XL, all the sites will have the exact same measurements for XL-sized skirts. Always compare with the size chart as the measurements can vary between products from different countries and manufacturers.

It’s important to make sure your online store has an exchange policy so you can change your size if you find that you actually need a size higher or a size lower.

You should see the policies laid out in a visible location on the online store’s website.

  • What if You Don’t Like Your Purchases?

Always read the site’s return and refund policies before you make any purchase. Like the exchange policy, you should see these mentioned in a visible location on the website.

Your online store should also have a customer care phone number or chat support so you can get additional help if you need it.

Read the policies carefully.  Do not expect an online store to refund if the store’s policy makes it clear that they do not offer refunds. Sometimes, refunds may be offered if the skirts you received are in damaged condition.

Understand how and in which situations refunds and returns will be offered by the store.

Also, bear in mind that refunds may be available only if you return the product within a specific period, for example, 14 days. Usually, a reasonable time frame will be given to the customer to try the skirts on or check the quality before returning. 

Minor adjustments for fit can be made by your local tailor.

  • Take Advantage of Festival Offers and Discounts

Most online stores offer discounts during festivals like Diwali. You can also get year-end special offers. It’s common to have Independence Day offers as well where you can get discounted prices for days before and after Independence Day.

Remember that a lot of people will be buying women’s skirts online so you’ll want to lock in your purchases before they get sold out.

Which one of these tips did you find the most useful for buying skirts online? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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