What to Look For in a Penetration Testing Provider

When you are looking for a powerful information security system for your business or you already have a strong security system then you must keep a constant check on the system by organizing the pen test regularly by the expert Penetration Testing Provider. Penetration testing is one of the most important aspects of any business performing business activities online by website, application, or clouds. For a better idea, it is an organized hacking attack by the authorized hackers in some specific applications, sites, or networks to assess their security. The goal of the Penetration Test is to gain the access to the system to the sensitive system information to steal data from the system. But only when you know if the company is right and here is how you can find out.

The expertise of the Pen Testing Experts

The first and foremost thing is to find out the expertise of the selected Pentesting Company. This means that the selected pen testers should have the required software and technical skills that are compulsory to get the best results from Penetration Testing. These skills can be assessed by interviewing them or doing your research which is also important if you want to hire an expert pen testing company.

The professionalism of the Company

If you want to learn about the company then you will need to make sure that the company will always maintain its professional behavior. Which means that they should be taking care of the data that they have access to while pen testing and the information they get about the system flaws and vulnerabilities shouldn’t ever go public?

The secrecy and respect of the information about the company should be their priority and you can search about this from their previous clients. They shouldn’t feel hesitation for sharing references regarding their previous clients and you shouldn’t feel hesitate to containing and knowing about their professionalism of the Penetration Testing Provider.

Speed Of Completion

An important factor to consider for Penetration Test providers is that the time they will take to complete the timeline. Though it depends on the tests you have done but you should know how much time they will consume to complete the test and the whole process. Speed of the delivery varies across the Penetration Testing Services this is why you should ask them about the time for the tests to be completed.

Some Pentesting companies will take 4 to6 weeks to queue but some companies may take 3-4 days to organize and complete the test. Also, there can be companies that can take only 24 hours to just a few days to complete. The timeline can be different so make sure you know about this.


Penetration Testing is compulsory for a completely secure information system. However, knowing where and how to find the right Penetration Testing Provider can make a huge difference. So Make sure you are going to meet with the right pen testing providers.

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