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What Tools & Methods Do You Need To Clean The Bathroom Floor?

Cleaning the bathroom may sound like a simple task, but it can take forever if you don’t have the right tools and a decent bathroom floor cleaning method. We all know how dirty and sticky can a bathroom floor be. In fact, cleaning it often costs you more time than you want to spend on it. The bathroom floors can easily get dirty if you have a busy lifestyle. But because it is one of the most important parts of the house, let’s find out what tools and methods we need to clean the bathroom floor.

Tools For The Floors

Towel And Mop

Blow off the excess water on your floor using a towel. It will help prevent water stains on your tiles and make bathroom cleaning easier. Use a mop with soft nylon bristles that easily absorb dirt and grime. Add some detergent and flush it through the mop head repeatedly until you remove all dirt from the floor.

Floor Cleaner

You can use various types of floor cleaners, but those containing ammonia should be avoided as they can leave yellow stains on your tiles. Vinegar is also suitable for removing dirt and stains from your bathroom floor, but there should be no ammonia in its formula too.


A squeegee is one of the most useful tools you can have to clean your bathroom. It helps you get rid of moisture faster than a mop or broom while also helping prevent the formation of mildew and mold. The squeegee will cost you less, but it’ll last for years if you take care of it properly.

Plastic Scrubbing Mop

If you’re dealing with hard water stains on your bathroom floor, this is the tool to use. Just wet the mopy part of the broom and use it to scrub away at stubborn stains on your bathroom floor. Make sure that you dry off the mop as soon as you’re done using it through, or else mildew will form on it!

Small Brush For Grout

Mold, mildew, and grime often grow in areas that are hard to clean, including the corners of the floor and the grout. Mop and towel squeegees may clean the surface of the floor, but you’ll need small brushes to scrub between the grouts and the hard-to-reach corners of your bathroom floor.

Bathroom Floor Cleaning Method

Clear The Floor

Before you start to clean, clear the floor of any clutter, such as toiletries left by family members or other items that do not belong on the floor. Doing so gives you enough space to move around comfortably and makes it easier to see what needs cleaning. It also gives you more space for placing tools and supplies that you need for the job.

Remove All The Dust

You don’t want to start mopping with stuff all over the place. Use a broom or vacuum cleaner to clean the floor from dust, hair, and easily removable dirt. Sweep from the corners towards the middle and gather the dust there. You can also easily use a damp paper towel to collect the dust pile.

Make Your Cleaning Solution

The best way to reduce distraction by turning towards the mop bucket every time is to convert your bathroom sink into a makeshift bucket. Whatever solutions you are using for the cleanup will be made in it. All you need to do is close the drain, fill the sink up with water, and add the cleaner to it. For example, if you are up for a homemade cleaner, you can use 2 gallons of water with 1 ½ cup vinegar and two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. For older and stubborn stains, you can also use warm water. Let it stay for a while, and soak your mop in the mixture. Wring it well and start mopping the floor. Make sure to rinse, soak, and wring between passes.

Use A Brush For Scrubbing

To scrub, use a brush with bristles that are stiff but not hard enough to damage the tiles. It will help grime and mold to come out easily. For this purpose, it is advisable to use a spare toothbrush that can easily go between the tiles. Make a thick mixture of vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda, apply it to the grouts and let it stay for a minute or two. It will help the grime loosen down, making it easy to scrub. You can use this for cleaning tiles on your walls and cleaning floors. Use a mild cleaner and test it first in an inconspicuous place before using it to clean your bathroom floor.


Once you have rubbed and scrubbed the floor and removed all the dirt, rinse the floor with clean water. To direct the water and dirt towards the drain, use a floor squeegee and move it from the corners to the drain. If you don’t have a squeegee, you can also use a mop and wring it again and again for effective cleaning.


You don’t want mold and mildew to grow on the floor because of the moisture. Make sure that you dry it out completely. Grout lines and corners around the toilet and behind the sink are more prone to mold growth. Dry the floor with a clean towel or cloth, and turn on the exhaust fan for proper drying.

Cleaning Solutions For Grime On The Floor

Caustic Soda Solution (Soda Ash)

The most effective way to clean your bathroom floor is by using a caustic soda solution of soda ash for short. This substance is made of sodium carbonate and is an alkaline product which makes it perfect for removing encrusted layers of grime.

Vinegar & Salt

Vinegar has antiseptic properties of its own, which makes it useful for cleaning most areas of the bathroom. When you combine it with salt, that’s when the magic happens. Salt acts as a mild abrasive to remove dirt, grime, and stains from most surfaces. Use a spray bottle of 1 part vinegar, two parts water, and a scrub brush.


Bleach is a chemical that you can use to clean your bathroom floor. Bleaching is a process that involves the oxidation of organic matter, such as stains, from your dirty bathroom floor. This process is done by oxidizing the organic matter using an oxidizing agent. Several types of oxidizing agents are available for bleaching, including hydrogen peroxide and bleach.

Baking Soda

Use baking soda to clean the bathroom floor. It is a natural bathroom cleaner to get rid of the stubborn stains and soap scum from the floor. The mild abrasive action of baking soda will clean the floor without scratching it. Sprinkle the powder on the floor. Spray with water and scrub with a small brush.


Using the right tools and products makes it much easier to clean your bathroom floor. We’ve looked at some of the important tools and techniques you need to know about for enjoying a cleaner bathroom. While there are a lot of tools and cleaning solutions that can be used to make your bathroom floors shine, there is no best one. Each option has pros and cons, and what works for you may not work for someone else. So, take appropriate safety precautions, and then go ahead and pick that tool or method that seems to work best for your situation at hand.

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