Buying a washing machine can seem very simple or very challenging. For some they are devices that all differ little, others lose themselves in the many options, possibilities and programs. The truth is somewhere in the middle: there are indeed good reasons to prefer a certain washing machine over another, but you should not be afraid of the complexity. In this article we want to help you buy the right washing machine. If you still have questions, you can always contact MediaMarkt. In the local store, but also online, by e-mail or by telephone, we are happy to assist you with advice and assistance.

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You have cheap washing machines and luxury appliances, with a lot of middle class in between. What are you paying for now? Price differences are related to various things, such as the capacity (how much laundry you can put in the drum), the type, a combination functionality (such as a built-in dryer function), the noise level produced by the appliance and additional functions (such as fine-mesh washing programs or a steam function). ).

A crucial property is efficiency or consumption. A washing machine is used intensively in many families, so that is important. Finally, you have the overall quality level and the warranty period. Washing machines are classified into three classes: budget, mid-range and premium. Below we explain the differences to you.

Budget: cheap washing machines up to 300 euros

What can you expect from a cheap washing machine? These are often small, but solid devices, with a modest capacity. The soft price tag is often reflected in higher consumption and a basic range of washing programs. They are ideal devices for students or singles, or if you live in an apartment.

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Middle class: washing machines from 300 euros to 1,000 euros

In the middle class from 300 to 1,000 euros you will find a lot of washing machines with different properties. Both smaller and larger capacities are available. You can choose from both classic washing machines and washer dryer combinations. More economical and quieter devices cost more. With washing machines of about 500 euros and more, you will come across innovations, such as washing functions at very low temperatures and programs for all possible textile types. 

Premium: washing machines from 1,000 euros

In the premium segment you will find the best of the best in washing technology. Then don’t just think about a high filling weight. You also have luxury devices that have a reasonable capacity, but are extremely economical or can be operated with an app, for example. The finish and build quality in this segment are very good, which is often supported by a long warranty period.

Most washing machines are white by an unwritten convention. Do you want a different color, such as a black or gray washing machine? They are there, but you will have to look a little harder for them. Color options are rather a feature that you find in the middle class or with luxury devices.

Washing machine maintenance

A good washing machine requires little maintenance and will last for years. If you regularly perform a few simple actions, the lifespan and enjoyment of use are greatly extended. For example, from time to time, clean the drawer in which you put detergent. You do this by removing the detergent drawer and rinsing it under the tap with lukewarm water. The rubber of the door can become a collection point for leftover dirt and foam. Clean it with a wet sponge, but not with the abrasive side. Do not forget to clean between the folds of the rubber.

Every washing machine has a filter. It is best to check it once a month for objects such as coins, paper clips, buttons and other small items. When loosening the filter, water will flow into the machine, so provide a container to catch it. Usually the filter will be accessible at the bottom at the front, perhaps behind a cover.

To avoid odors, leave the drum door open between uses to allow it to air out. Occasionally you can also run a washing program at 90 degrees Celsius without laundry or detergent. This prevents the washing machine from smelling after a while. It’s a good idea to descale your washing machine a few times a year. This is best done with a specialized descaling agent. Avoid using vinegar or soda salt. While they may not cause any damage, the wrong vinegar can damage rubber seals and soda salt in some parts, such as aluminum.

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