Why We Should All Practice Charity Now More Than Ever

Charity is something the world could use more of these days, and perhaps, the late President John F. Kennedy said it best: “The raising of extraordinarily large sums of money, given voluntarily and freely by millions of our fellow Americans, is a unique American tradition… Philanthropy, charity, giving voluntarily and freely… call it what you like, but it is truly a jewel of an American tradition.”

Here are good reasons for practicing charity, especially now more than ever.

COVID Hit Charity Sector Hard

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during the global pandemic, it’s that raising money for a good cause got rerouted during the peak of the COVID crisis. It became a lot tougher for fine organizations to get donations because in-person transactions were basically shut down.

Folks needed the assistance of all kinds to get themselves and their families through the difficult times. In fact, the need for services increased. That’s where online giving or digital giving became the new normal for fundraising in this ever-changing environment.

Nonprofits with a variety of missions have become very creative in forming new partnerships and implementing new methods of volunteer engagement which have an impact on fundraising efforts.

Helping Your Local Community

Oftentimes, people don’t believe that they can make a difference and that only the very wealthy can afford to be charitable, but this is untrue.

Every community benefits and gains strength when its citizens pitch in whether it’s through volunteerism, running for local office, or being a charitable person. There are numerous ways to participate.

Take, for example, donating your car to a reputable charity and scheduling a Kidney Foundation pick up.

You’d be helping out the foundation’s mission of preventing kidney disease, performing local medical research, and providing life-saving patient financial aid.

Uplifting People Everywhere

When we practice charity, we send a great message. It’s one that is positive, uplifting and helps to move us forward.

The news headlines aren’t always pretty. During challenging times, it’s difficult being exposed to so much fear, concern and negativity.

Stress and anxiety never do the mind, body and soul any favors. When you’re tuned into charitable activities, you’re spreading positive energy and showing folks that you care and want to help.

Having social support can make a major difference in how we as individuals cope with the bad times. This theory has been studied for years now and shows that social support, which offers financial help, psychological or physical help through a network of family, friends, neighbors, and community members is the key to weathering the tough moments when life throws you a curve.

Yes, Your Voice Is Powerful

Connect with others and be a voice or advocate for the individuals and organizations that need our help. In other words, share your information on social media to get the word out and keep folks in the know about the challenges that many people continue to face.

Your voice matters, and it’s powerful when you speak up for the needs that exist. When you share how you’re helping, your initiatives can inspire others to action as well.

Social media is different from old-fashioned press and advertising, and it offers several advantages.

For example, social media gives charities the edge because they can take their campaigns directly to their audience without having to encounter any intermediaries. This gives charities more control over their message and lets them form relationships with their audience in real-time.

Offering Your Skills Or Talents

Another way to practice charity in these challenging months is to give back to others with a personal skill or talent that you possess.

You’ll feel good helping others, and they’ll benefit from your generosity and time.

Maybe you’re excellent with numbers and could volunteer to help students in mathematics.

Or perhaps, you are a fine cook and would enjoy giving online cooking classes in your community.

There are many ways to show off your talents and allow others to get something from your kindness and creativity.

Charity is something that every individual can practice. You don’t have to be a professional to make your mark. During crises, the best of humanity shows up. You can make a difference. We all can.

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