Why Your Ecommerce Website Must Have the Search Functionality

Ecommerce websites usually need to have towering piles of data always available for users to explore – be it product information or general content. However, if a user cannot find what they are looking for on your website, what’s the point? Even for first time eCommerce business administrators, designing anapproachable and easy to use search feature is vital for a website to do well. Here are some key reasons why your ecommerce website must have the search functionality –

Instant Results – Search Functionality Can Bring Up Images

The human mind reacts to visuals faster than it does to basic text. In most eCommerce websites, searching for a product usually brings up images of several products related to the term searched. Users can quickly identify the products they want from the images. The magnifying glass function is also important to install in the websites as users can enlarge these images to find exactly what they need. Instant results inherently make a website more appealing to users.

Make the Website More Appealing for All Users around the World – Keyword Linking

A lot of times users may not know the exact name of the product that they are searching for. They usually type in related words (or keywords) into search engines. If a website is keyword optimized and has search functionality, search engine pages can simply display these result pages directly. Users can also look up associated products in this way. 

A simple drop-down list related to the searched terms is a fantastic functionality of the search bar because the product might be recognized by different names in various parts around the world. So, the search bar functionality also makes a website more globally appealing for users. When entering keywords to a website, ensure that other synonymous words for certain products are also used. Even if the eCommerce website does business only in certain areas of the world, having a global appeal helps in attracting web traffic, making the website worthier of a higher Google ranking.  

Improve User Experience – Auto Correct and Auto Suggestive Search Bars

First introduced by Google, search bars that are responsive to spelling errors are very helpful as they help in identifying the products a user may be looking for even if the keywords they have entered are wrongly spelt. All of this plays a huge part in delivering the best customer experience. Another way of improving the user experience is implementing auto-suggestions into the search bar. For most users, predictability is reassuring. If they are looking for a very particular product and they type in the product name only to find what they are looking for in the search bar, it pleases them. If a website has a reputation of suggestibility, it quickly becomes a user favorite. 

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