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How to Build WordPress Business Site to Sell eBooks?

Did you know you can create an ebook from your WordPress blog posts?

Offering ebook downloads on your WordPress website is a good way to make plutocrat online or grow your mailing list. wordpress plugin development services Writing a book is a big job, but you may find that you have previously written enough content for a book on your blog. wordpress plugin development services In this blog, we will show you how to make an ebook from your WordPress blog posts in a clever way.

Why build an ebook from your WordPress blog posts?

Yet you also have a lot of content that you can reuse or make money from if you regularly publish blog posts on your WordPress website. wordpress development services One of the stylish ways to repurpose your content is to turn your blog into an ebook.

Writing an ebook can increase the credibility of your site. You can use it to grow your mailing list, offer it as exclusive content on a class site, or sell it to turn your blog into a plutocrat. yet writing a book is delicate, and 97 of the people who start writing a book now finish it. 

The good news is that you may have written a book before. Your most popular blog posts may previously contain enough high-quality content to reuse as a successful ebook. Or you can use your blog to write new book one by one.

Select which blog content to use in your ebook

Your first task is to decide which blog posts to include in your ebook. wordpress plugin development services However, you may also need to find only your most popular blog posts, if your blog is about a certain content or niche. Each post will be a chapter of your ebook.

still, if you want to create multiple ebooks, you should also choose blog posts that cover more specific themes, similar to popular posts in a specific order. You can indeed consider unborn ebook ideas when planning the content to write about on your blog.

Turn blog posts into an ebook with Google Croakers

You can create an ebook from your blog posts with Google Croakers. This requires a little more work than our alternative system, but it’s free and makes it easy for you to edit and customize your ebook. custom wordpress development company You need to start by creating a new Google Doc and name it with the title of your ebook. After that, under the View menu, make sure that ‘Show publication format’ is checked. This will allow you to see what each page of your ebook will look like.

to match your ebook cover

The first thing you need to do is try on the cover art you made earlier. You can also use drag and drop to place it on the first page or Insert » Choose Image from the menu and upload it to your computer. wordpress web development services Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to choose Insert » Pause » Page Break from the menu to start a new page.

Build a table of contents and title page 

On the new page, you need to classify the title of your ebook. Before hitting Enter, make sure you format it as a title by choosing “Title” from the Styles drop-down menu. However, you also need to choose Format » Align & Indent » Center, if you want to center the title.

You can now press Enter multiple times and classify the ebook trim line if you have one, as well as your name or the name of your blog as the author. wordpress design and development services You may want to style them up with a larger fountain and center them. wordpress plugin development services Do not use a title style, otherwise, these lines will be included in your table of contents. You can also use the Enter key to neatly place these lines along the page.

When you’re done, choose Insert » Pause » Page Break again from the menu to start another new page. On the upcoming page, add the table of contents. Google Docs colonizes this with headings as you add content to the document. Start by coding the “Table of Contents” heading and format it with the Heading 1 style.

Now you can press Enter and choose Insert » Table of Contents from the menu. You can choose between an interpretation with bishop figures and an interpretation with hyperlinks. wordpress service provider At this site, the table of contents will be relatively empty, but it will be streamlined as you add blog posts to your ebook.

Edit eBook content

Now you need to process the content of the e-book and make the necessary changes. bespoke wordpress development Some effects that work well in a blog post don’t belong in an eBook. To illustrate, you may need to adjust the title of each blog post to work more like a chapter heading. And if you added a call-to-action at the bottom of every blog post, you might want to remove it from every section of your ebook, too.

You may need to replace references to “messages” with “chapters”. In addition, you should replace any internal links to your blog with links to chapters in your eBook. You should also work on transitions between chapters so that your book flows better, otherwise, it may read like a collection of individual blog posts. You can also add a stronger foreword and conclusion to your book.


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