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5 Cashback Apps That Everyone Should Use

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Electronically spending money undoubtedly makes an important element of our everyday digital life. Electronic payments have made our day-to-day payments easier which can be done within the seconds. As a result, youth has driven their attention towards the E-wallets which have been broadly trusted around the world due to their ease of access and security. It eliminates the need to carry hard cash in your pocket whenever you go out buying any necessity or order something online.

Now coming to the present scenario, cashback apps have become popular in making payments and transactions. Along with that, people can save a lot of money on daily online transactions such as mobile recharges, bill payments, travel tickets, DTH recharges, booking gas cylinders, and much more.

Everyone these days is looking for new and innovative ways to save money. So, how about you make money along with saving. I’d like to share the best cashback apps that will get you the latest coupons online and cashback deals to optimize your everyday spending. These apps help to save a major part of their money when they have a successful transaction for any brand.

Best Cashback Apps For Android

●      Dealivana:

The first app I recommend you should use is Dealivana. Once you sign with your mobile number, you will be able to see the best offers on the top brands. Once you choose which brand you wish to shop for, you can check the cashback deals. Once you click on ‘Visit retailer’ Dealivana will redirect you to the retailers’ webpage. Now, place the order. And you can get the highest cashback. Let me tell you why I love Dealivana the most. It offers you the highest guaranteed cashback across all brands. Who doesn’t love getting more money?

The best part of this app is other apps will mainly get you gift cards, rewards in form of points but Dealivana will get you cash pay-outs on your deal which you can transfer to your bank once you reach RS. 200.

There are many cashback providers but Dealivana is the only trusted cashback provider that offers cash rewards on Flipkart. When I first signed up for Dealivana, I chose to shop from 2 stores: Flipkart and Ferns N Petals, I ordered beat headphones from Flipkart on which I got 40% off and 5 % cashback as well. Then when I ordered cake and flowers from Ferns N Petals, I got Rs. 150 OFF. Isn’t it great?

●      Cashkaro:

Another app that can be used for cashback is, mainly for the reason that it is an all-in-one app that helps the users to avail special coupons and deals- recharges, online orders, food, hotel bookings, movie tickets, etc. will give you gift rewards, but not the cash pay-outs which can be redeemed once it will reach a minimum of Rs. 250.

Cashkaro makes online shopping easy and cheap. Just log on to Cashkaro, you can find various coupons that can make you save via cashback. A major disadvantage of this app is you will not be able to get cashback for every site such as Snapdeal.

●      CouponDunia:

Users can earn Cashback or Rewards while shopping and one can transfer the amount to e-wallets- or use for mobile recharges. The app supports you to get live amazing deals on food, fashion, travel, etc, you will be getting a minor amount as cashback. For every transaction, you made using CouponDunia, which want to get new buyers and expand their traffic through its online platform

●      Nearbuy:

If you love to go to restaurants or clubs then Nearbuy is a good app for you. It gets you to earn vouchers, e-gift cards on discounts on buffets, online orders, subscriptions, and more. It serves the users by providing an app/website offering coupons, deals, discount vouchers that help users save money on every spending. Whether you go for movies, dine out, salons, or online shopping, Nearbuy lets you explore choices.

●      CouponTrends:

Last but not least, CouponTrends was founded in 2010, it grew with time to provide a good amount of discount coupons to the shoppers. You can grab exciting discounts from 1000+ retailers, which will be saved in CouponTrends wallet.

Final words

We have given you the five apps which are competing in affiliate marketing names. If you ask my view, I have used all these cashback apps but as I shop a lot online, I love Dealivana more than I love any other. I have earned a massive amount of cashback from it for many brands till now. I have earned over Rs. 5000 by using Dealivana, also its coupons are verified.

Let me know which app you liked the most and why.

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