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5 office design trends for the aftermath of COVID-19

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Since the last year 2020, the working culture of the world has changed, so have the office design trends. All this change is necessary to establish a priority for the safety, health, and constant vigilance of the employees.

With the emergence of COVID-19, we are all turning back to the office. Inspired by the change in work culture, we all emphasized the fact that what can be done to promote this culture in the form of a design for the happiness and good experience of the employees. Hence there will be a need for office furniture and layout with smart, technological innovation changes and creative solutions keeping in mind the needs of the returning workforce.

Post-Covid, as the office changes, it has to adjust to the changing needs and employee attendance. New design trends will emerge in the office culture to meet office requirements. A designer needs to design keeping in mind the new requirements of the post-COVID workplace.

This article has reconstructed, recalculated, and reconsidered office design trends taking into account the impact of COVID-19. We will discuss some of the design trends that will affect our offices in 2021:

Video Conferencing and meeting place:

Due to covid 19, modernity has entered the office system. Videoconferencing has come into use for the team working from home to discuss and participate in meetings.

With your team members meeting in person in the office and logging in via videoconferencing with the whole team, you will need a friendly location.

Therefore you will need a technology office space design for a meeting room, with a large screen for videoconferencing with integrated cameras and mics and friendly furniture with open space. Through this, apart from the team, you can also provide a better and better experience to your customers.

During a pandemic, using the latest technologies can help offices make work efficient and easy.

Remote work

Due to Covid-19, remote working became essential for business continuity. After working from home for a long time, we have agreed to say goodbye to the office. We need to evaluate the corporate culture, demographics, and employee working style. It is important to allow workers to find the right balance at this time. This will create a work-life balance and help in overall employee happiness. Working in the office reinforces innovation, purpose, energy, wellbeing, talent, culture, and beyond.

With design and creative work so visual and collaborative in the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to adapt. Employees need to adapt to this new system that replaces individual activities.

Colors and Biophilic Design: 

During the Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a sense of unrest, grief, and anxiety among consumers, employees, and almost everyone, which has led to the negative sentiment among all. 

That’s why everyone needs colors in their lives that create a sense of peace, reassurance, and comfort. 

We should use such natural colors and a more biophilic design that gives the feeling of being in nature, which brings inner peace and energy. 

The natural colors and biophilic design promote inner peace in the individual where mental and physical well-being is important. 

In addition, offices will need to be ventilated better and healthier with outdoor air, which will make it easier to promote good indoor air quality. The main aim of biophilic design is to create visual contact between humans and nature. 

This will be a good idea in the interest of the employees so that they will be able to work well with good positive energy. 

Flexible workplace : 

Coronavirus has proved that we are all capable of working from anywhere in any dire situation.

 Your business should also consider the preferences of all employees when designing their workplace, and it is important to provide them with workspaces that can meet employee needs. 

A good workplace is to creates an office filled with a variety of workspaces designed for the needs of the staff and team. 

The office transforms as space requirements change, instead of allocating one desk for each person, with open plan bookable workspaces, task-focused work areas, and modular furniture in the office to accommodate everyone’s needs. design for. 

To provide different and conducive working space to all the employees based on the type of work being done by the employees in the office which meets their needs. 

This gives them more control over their work experiences, increases engagement, and boosts productivity levels.

Modern & technology office design: 

During covid-19, we need a modern office. Which is different from the traditional personal workspace, where employees have the opportunity to choose where to sit every day. While employees seem to have the option to sit unassigned and keep their own space, in offices with no fixed seats, unassigned desks can be cleaned better and are therefore more sanitary.

Modern office design will require more such adaptive curtains, walls, or shields while following the post-Covid rules of mindfulness so that employees can choose seats that allow them to distance themselves from others. Such favorable seats should also be provided so that the co-workers do not face each other directly.

Office design will need to accommodate the company’s technical infrastructure such as technology and wireless systems for work presentations or video conferencing. This will prove to be a good idea in the interest of the employees.

The office design trend in the Corona era will be the implementation of hands-free technology to prevent and limit the spread of the virus. This project will help keep employees safe and future touchless sensor technologies will enable employees to work smoothly in the workplace. It will be possible to maintain social distance properly with the technical office design.


Many companies have opted for workplace sharing to provide security to their employees. This has also become necessary due to Covid-19. Interior designers are also now coming up with office designs that enable them to be aesthetically appealing while maintaining social distancing. Chosen for this type of workplace division. These types of workplace partition design trends are essential to maintain work efficiency. Designers use glass screens, indoor plants, and planters to divide rooms, making it a division in the office without separating employees.

My Author Bio is:  Myself Amit Shekhawat, an experienced content writer at M4A Designs – Famous Interior Designers in Jaipur. I am writing from past 1 year. I love to express my views through writing.

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