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A brief explanation about Tinder and its Clone App Development

Tinder, no doubt is the reigning craze among the current netizens. Ever since its release eight years ago in 2012, it became the supreme ruler when it came to dating apps within a short period.

Now it comprises more than 100 million users, 5.2 million paying subscribers and income summing up to 800 million US dollars. These statistics reveal the fact why Tinder clone app development and Tinder Clone Scripts, in particular, are very much sought after nowadays.

So, what exactly is this Tinder application?

It is an online dating application where users can find people via matches and get connected with them in real life that quickly. The best online platform to connect people, it allows people to choose their ideal partners based on specific preferences.

Now, how does Tinder work exactly?

  • Users register themselves with Tinder through their mobile number or via a social media account like Facebook, wherein the case of the latter, all the essential details and information get imported.
  • With this imported info and with the user’s current location, the app will find a match for the user with the help of an innovative algorithm.
  • The resultant match is shown with the picture. Also, displayed is a small bio that includes the first name of the match.
  • The user now has to like or unlike the match for their profile by swiping right or left respectively.
  • Provided should both the users liked each other’s profiles, they will be matched, and after this, both can chat and then go on a date.

Speaking of revenue, how does Tinder generate income?

When it first started, Tinder was for free. In 2015, it transformed into a freemium business model and began to charge for some features as associated with Tinder Plus. With the advent of Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold which were paid memberships, the business model was destined for a bright future.

Both Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus provide some amazing premium features like Unlimited likes, the feature to know who liked them and also getting additional likes, to name a few. Tinder further generates revenue by third-party ad posting, and money is created for every click of the user.

Blueprint to develop a robust Tinder Clone App:

With all those points elaborated, you will ask as to how a Tinder clone will succeed when there is already the presence of the Tinder app. The answer is seamless app performance and effective marketing.

Thereby it is highly recommended wielding the power of a Tinder Clone Script is you want to succeed in this market domain. Tinder clone scripts are built with sophisticated technology and will come packed with enthralling features that are a part of a Tinder clone app. Some features include Text Messages, Voice Messaging, Video and Voice Chat. Further, ensure that the Tinder clone doesn’t allow the user base to know the fact that other users have rejected them. This might prove detrimental, and users might disregard the app if they found out that they were being rejected.

Add more and more features by analyzing the user’s behaviour, and this will pave the way for better engagement. The new features can be integrated with the premium users for revenue generation. Tinder clones can also use push notifications to alert the user base about the brand-new features and other exciting offers.


By amalgamating some efficacious marketing stratagems along with excellent knowledge regarding user experience and technology, a Tinder clone script can do marvels for sure.

Reach out to know more about its Tinder clone script and if interested, get connected with us, and we can get you a robust dating app developed in a short period.

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